12 December 2010

Wondering how to Celebrate Christmas?

Check out these places and then come leave some comments on what you thought (I haven't been to all of these places, so I'm not sure they all exist). This is just my initial list--I'll be updating it as I find more, I already know there are a few in Pasadena, including hastings ranch which I don't yet have information on, and I don't have time right now to look for it. Please feel free to let me know about your favorites so I can add them to the list.

LDS LA Temple-->the official site didn't have pictures of the lights; use this one to see them.
My friend's home at 9563 langston st, rancho cucamonga, ca --> Synchronized lights and music show

7 Free Holiday Activities to Enjoy in Rancho Cucamonga and Other Neighboring Cities in the Inland Empire

Thoroughbred Street, off Sapphire street in Alta Loma/Rancho Cucamonga --> A whole community of homes with lights, many selling treats.
"Christmas in Chino" --> Synchronized lights and music show
"Lights for our Heroes" --> display dedicated to all active duty/former military, first responders & supporting families.
Holiday on Holmar --> 1126 N. Holmar Ave, Azusa CA 91702 This one might not exist anymore...I'm not sure

26 October 2010

It's Almost Official!

I've been wondering about this for a while now, since I finished up all my work back in August, and I was told that it would be about 6 weeks to verify. It's been more than 6 weeks, right? So, yesterday I called the office and found out that the person I need to talk to will be on vacation for 2 more weeks...ya. I'd pretty much resigned to not hearing anything ever...But guess what I just got in my voice mail:

Oh, Happy Day!

PS--I love that I don't have to feel bad for posting this recording here because she didn't include anything too confidential. Thanks Lady! :0)
PPS--I also LOVE my Google Voice account!

28 September 2010

Are they kidding me?!? / Guess where I was*

Dear Neighbors,
This is completely unacceptable.

*Answer: Clearly, on my side of the garage.

16 September 2010

I Love Presents!

I love my friend April so much!!! Last week she gave me a Hip Scarf--want to know why? Because I started belly dancing again! I am taking a class through the city, and yesterday was my first lesson. It was...interesting, to say the least. I love the dance!
I am excited to:
-- have fun
-- make new friends
-- not pay a full tuition
-- relearn the moves
-- have a commute of only 5-10 minutes
-- improve my technique (hopefully)
-- the isolation practices
-- improve my salsa dancing (and also my midsection)
-- gain a little boost of self acceptance because belly dancers are supposed to have round bellies
-- reap the benefits boosted self confidence/comfort offers to all aspects of one's life
-- develop a somewhat decent belly roll (as in the dance move)

I am not so excited to:
-- have a room full of strangers watching my attempts--including a man (who knew men take belly dancing classes?)
-- give up an evening every week to go to class (I'll miss my free evening, especially now that I've got a side job that will take up all my free time for the next 3 months)
-- see the teacher's "fanny-pack"
-- endure the drama of teenage angst-y cries for attention
-- have people I hardly know find out and ask for demonstrations (because that is awkward, and it is never as cool as you think it could be...especially when there is no music, no costume, no co-performer. Although it is slightly less awkward when I know you well, so feel free to ask away.)
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12 September 2010

I Made It Better

I love shopping for deals, and this is a dress I found for half off the clearance price at Torrid. (I love it when they do those sales!)

I'd decided it was a little shorter than I wanted, so I added a strip of white eyelet fabric to the bottom. You probably can't tell from the first picture, but the tying belt has eyelets too.

It wasn't too hard, just a straight line, really. But I also reinforced a few other places where the seams seemed to be coming out.

I am very proud of myself, because I even remembered to sew it facing the right way!

I'm not much of a seamstress, but I think this turned out very well! I have some fabric to make a few baby blankets* too, so I'll probably put up some picture of those, too...When I finally get around to doing them... The corners are super intimidating to me. If they were just for myself, I might be a little more forgiving, but since I don't have kids, the blankets would be for other people, and for that I'd expect near perfection from myself.

*I did make a tied felt blanket, but I forgot to post pictures...You can see a little of it on Laura Devlin's Facebook page.

10 September 2010

Who likes free stuff?

I DO!!!

My friend Christy posted a deal on her blog, and while I don't usually do stuff like this, I'm gonna take advantage of this one:

They're not real diamonds, but for $4 I didn't really expect them to be... and as you see by the 5 steps above, it's pretty easy. I think this is a great marketing strategy. Wouldn't it be nice if every new company gave away stuff for free instead of all those annoying ads and commercials? I've looked around, and it seems like a legit ad, but if you are worried, I"ll let you know if /when I get them!

Side note/letter:
Dear http://www.diamondearrings.org/,
I love this idea! What a great marketing concept. I hope this campaign brings you success in your business endeavors. But I have a question for you: How many carats? Next time you are doing something like this, you might want to mention that. Anyway, Thanks for the studs you are sending me! I'm sure I'll love them, but if not my way too girlie niece will love new dress up jewels.
Thanks again,

07 September 2010

Pop Quiz

I "reunited" with my BFF from Elementary school,* and was inspired to take this math test**:

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!

* I am not so much "reunited with my BFF from Elementary school" as I am "reading the blog I just found which belongs to my BFF from elementary school". Same thing, right?

** I haven't taken math since my first semester of College...That was a long time ago. When did that happen?

16 August 2010

Best Birthday Ever!

Friday the thirteenth is often thought to be bad luck, but I'm going to have to disagree with that.
It is actually a great day! I'll prove it to you. ...I was going to try to format it all cutely, but I don't have the time now, and it's already been too long for my birthday update...

In the morning I got a few visits at my office:

In the afternoon I got another visit and a yummy cookie cake!
From 2010 blog pics

Flat Cindy came to visit and enjoyed a piece:
From 2010 blog pics
She also loved the Outrigger Sweet Potato Stack and Bacon Avocado Burger from Honolulu Harrys. (have you been there? You should go. You should try the Sweet Potato Stack. Seriously. I love that place.) She's a good eater!
From 2010 blog pics
After dinner my friends threw me a little party
From 2010 blog pics

I totally forgot to take pictures at my other parties, one of which included this piece of heaven:

Mimi's Pain Perdu. AKA Yummy.

Thanks for everyone who helped to make this a great day! I love you all.

30 July 2010


I'm not sure if you know this or not, but I've been interning. (I'm not actually sure I should be posting pictures, but I figure it's probably ok, since you can see exactly 0 people's faces in this one...who was the photographer?) Today "Dr. Nic" (a paleontologist) was a guest lecturer. She brought this timeline of life on Earth, along with some flash cards. It was really interesting, and she is super cute! But she also reminded me that she's probably about my age, and has already completed what would equate to her 22nd "grade" in school. My life's timeline is probably about as long as hers, however, I'm only about to finish my 16th year...It's amazing to me how motivated young people are!
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23 June 2010

Who's adorable?

Even with a flooded apartment...

08 June 2010


This is a fantastic ad! Not saying anything about the actual product, I love this. I love how it is like a visual timeline of technology, pieced together in a way that truly shows how one thing triggered the next. I especially loved the part right after 20 seconds, where it's so fast you almost can't see what's being used as dominoes. It's so true that things change that fast, and as soon as one thing is created, it's falling because it was used as a diving board for the next idea. I can not even imagine what we* will come up with next. Keep it up.

*and by "we" I ovbiously mean "someone else."

21 May 2010

Growing up

I hate that even when I am doing my best to be a good/caring/responsible person, I still have to look into the face of my problems/options and admit that I have no clue what to do. When do we finally "grow up"and know all the answers? I'd love it if that could happen soon, please.

"The older you get, the less you know. ...I think someone already said that--I'm plagiarizing it."--Dave H.

Maybe being able to admit that shows that we are, in fact "grown up."

...I don't see how that is fair. Just saying.

12 May 2010

Have you heard of this?

I just found* helium.com, which will apparently pay you to write stuff--So cool! And since I am obviously not gifted in the writing department, I thought I'd pass it on to you, because I know that several of you are super gifted. That's not to say that you have to do it, but just that if you wanted to you could. Because you'd be good at it. And because I believe in you. And also, you could use the money you make doing something you are really good at (and really enjoy) to pay your bills.** You are welcome.

*And by "I found" I obviously mean "I was reading the comments on Allie's blog and some one suggested it to her."
**One of which is to buy me ice cream. Oh, you didn't know that? ...Maybe that's why you've fallen so far behind....Well, now you know.

10 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This is what our Family conversation looked like:
From 2010 Pic of the day
Yep--that's my sister and I huddled around the computer with my brother on the Skype, and parents on one cell phone, 2 of my sisters on the home phone, and another brother on my cell phone. We had another cell phone there trying to reach my other brother and sister, but sadly they were unavailable. It was fun to have almost everyone "there." My family is funny! (Some of you who don't know my family won't believe that, but I promise. They are hilarious, even though I'm not.)

03 May 2010

Speaking of...

Speaking of hats, you should check out the hats that made an appearance at the Kentucky Derby. Here is a little taste of what you'll find: I love hats.

P.S. Dear MSN, I could potentially be a fan of your "glo" (I already really like the logo). I am a huge fan of Google, so I appreciate that you are starting to look like them. Sadly, I find the added bar across the top to be hugely distracting. You know, the black one, which sits below the white one which appears very similar to another site's. This is mostly because it takes up even more of the top of the screen (almost a whole inch at all times, then you add even more with the drop-down menu that pops up if I accidentally pass my mouse over anything up there), which means that the images in your slide shows don't fit on my screen. Huge sad face. If you could please re-size the images so that I don't have to be perpetually sliding my bar up and down, that would be fantastic--I'd like to be able to see the whole image at the same time. Shocking, I know.
The alternative is simply moving your site's navigation bar from the top of the screen to the side, but since you already have other pop outs on the left, it'd have to be on the right... Hey, you could just simplify the whole thing. I understand wanting to draw people in, and I do find the site visually appealing (aside from the slide show images) so far. I'd just like to see the whole picture. Is that too much to ask for? I didn't think so.

30 April 2010

26 April 2010

Book bag

I found this here: It's super cute. And I thought a few of you would like it, too. You're welcome.

25 April 2010

Longer than it should be: you have been warned.

Life is a funny thing.  It's all about balance.  And that's a hard thing to teach.  You all know my love of reading, I'm sure.  Although I'm not sure "love" is the right word-- maybe it's more of an obsession or compulsion.  I just need to have something to read all the time.  I think that sometimes I take notes at meetings, just so I have something to read (and reread) during said meeting.  Anyway, I was recently in the process of moving, and the first night in my "new" place I had forgotten my book in my "old place" in my rush.   I was seriously lost without it. (I'm sure this was only intensified by the fact that I was almost finished with the book.  Seriously . I had about 5 pages left.  I'm also obsessed with finishing things.)  Almost tempted to go back and get my book, I decided instead to read one of the many other books on my "to read" list. The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch (and Jeffrey Zaslow).   I'd heard good things about this book, so I bought it one day, but never ended up reading it.  I'm only on page 36, but I already love it.  I've had many deep thoughts and personal revelations as a result of it.

Based on a lecture he gave titled, "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" Pausch stresses the importance of living.  And he could base that on actual experience because he was facing death as he wrote it.   Pausch was living out the last few months he had as cancer invaded his body.  His young family was only beginning, and he longed to be the influential father for his children that were most likely too young to remember him.  So he wrote it all out. I have a fantastic family, I do.  I know I have been hugely blessed in that area.  And many of his lessons I'm sure I've already learned, but it's always nice to be reminded.

The one I have in mind now, is one he learned from college football.   With a coach who was extremely hard on him, he was often exhausted after practice.  One such day the assistant coach mentioned that it was a good thing.  "When you're screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore, that means they've given up on you."  The book goes on to say:
"When you see yourself doing something badly and nobody's bothering to tell you anymore, that's a bad place to be.  You may not want to hear it, but your critics are often the ones telling you they still love you and care about you, and want to make you better.
"There's a lot of talk these days about giving children self esteem.  It's not something you can give; it's something they have to build."

My head is in that thought but from several different directions.   On the one hand, I wonder why I don't have more people telling me when I've screwed up, because I do it often.  But then I remember that I love a lot of people, and I rarely "correct" them.  But then, I don't think they screw up.  I think that as a society, we have lost the ability to lovingly guide people to the correct route.  I went to a very basic salsa class, and I ended up teaching people how to salsa.  I used to feel like a jerk, and I often hate it when people tell me I'm doing steps wrong, but I try to remember that they are trying to teach me, in the same way I am trying to teach people when I tap their elbow to remind their descending hand that it's home is on my shoulder blade.   It is all in how you say it.  I try to remember to be nice and remind people that it is easier for me to follow where they lead if they are leading correctly.   I try to remember that when people tell me I'm stepping with the wrong step, it's because when a spin comes a few steps down the line it will be easier for me to be on the correct foot.

Another thought I have is how you can't change people.  People will only change when they want to.  When they are able to see the error in their actions, and recognize that change must occur to achieve a different, more desirable result.   As is often said in failing relationships, you can't change him/her.  However, if they are willing to make the effort to change, we can help others find their way.  Maybe the reason people no longer correct me is because I've stopped listening.  You can talk until you are blue in the face, but it's all in vain if there are no ears open to hearing your words.  I've learned that.  And it's a hard thing to be on the unreceived side.

Those two thoughts led me to my third:  Where is the balance?  How do you tell people lovingly how they can improve when they are not ready to improve?  It's a horrible place to be, because you obviously care for someone enough to want the best for them, but nothing you say seems to be heard, so what do you do?   In a friendship, how far does your responsibility to express your loving concern for someone go?  Out of love for them, we often have to overlook some faults in others, but when those "faults" start hurting you do you let them continue?  In loving people, you want the best for them, and you would never stand by and let someone else hurting your friend, so why would you just watch them do something that you believe is hurting themselves?   But then when they won't listen to you are you a cruel and heartless person to just walk away and save yourself pain?

I was in that horrible position.  A really good friend of mine, someone I love more than chocolate made some choices I didn't agree with.  And while I want to support that person's right to make their own choices, I also hated watching it.  My friend tried very hard to explain a different view and justify that road.   I tried my hardest to explain my view and encourage a different path.  But when we couldn't agree, I stopped trying.  Knowing I didn't appreciate it, my friend stopped including me in those life areas.

So here's the question:  To what degree should I be like that coach who yelled and corrected and punished and motivated?  When do I let people make their own choices?  Because it hurt so bad watching and being excluded while a facade went up between us both that it just got too hard.  I stepped back.   And it still breaks my heart to think about my own loss of a friend, but would that even be considered a friendship at this point?  Am I selfish to quit?  Am I giving up too easily?  I never wanted to give up.  I said I'd always be there....does it count as being there if I wait for my friend to come to me?  And what if I'm not accessible when I'm needed-- Does that make me a bad person?  Is it then my fault that someone reached out for my help and I wasn't there to give it?  I think that's my worst fear...

This post went off in an entirely different direction than it had started.  I'm sorry for that.  I wonder if I'll even post it for the world to read...It's just something I think about sometimes, because I want to be a good person, but I also want to be happy.  That's why we are alive:  To live.  This is kinda a bleh post, so you should know that I am not all depressed or anything.  I know that I have a great life, and while I'm far from who I hope to be, I'm enjoying the process of getting there, and I do feel like it's a journey I'm moving forward on.  My happiness in life right now comes first from my family.  And second from dancing.  I know that second one sounds lame to so many of you, but I really love it.  It came to me at a point in my life when I needed something and it filled a void I was only just finding.  I'm a bad friend, and I know that.  It's a two way street, so it's not all my fault, but I really am trying to be better.  Just keep on growing, right?

09 April 2010

The Corny Collins Show is officially...

Have you ever driven down the 55? I'm sure you have. But did you notice the huge building to the east? Maybe. It looks something like this:
Did you wonder what it was? I did. So obviously I had to Google it. Surprised? Turns out it is the Marine Corps Air Station Tustin. Well, the former MCAS, Tustin. It's actually got a long history before that. Check out this watercolor Paul Gavin:

See the little, itty-bitty helicopter in front of the building? It's a CH-53. According to Wikipedia:
  • Length: 88 ft 6 in (26.97 m)
  • Rotor diameter: 72 ft 2.7 in (22.01 m)
  • Height: 24 ft 11 in (7.6 m)

It's not actually so itty-bitty, is it? Shows how huge the building really is. Seriously, ginormous.

That's because it was originally the Naval Air Station Santa Ana. Built to house blimps. Six of them. Crazy.

Anyway, the reason I even saw this was because it was pointed out to me on the way to the OCPAC to see Hairspray!!! Fantastic!

PS*- Can you finish the title quote? The Corny Collins Show is officially what? And who said it?

*I really do need to come up with a prize for the first correct commenter...I'd say we'd go out for ice cream, but that won't really work because not everyone is local. Maybe I'll make some greeting cards and send a random one...or I can make you personalized address labels! ...ya, kinda lame...maybe...um...I still got nothing...one day!

31 March 2010

Dear Allie,

I don't actually know you, but I love you. You know, in the "hey" way. I have been blog-stalking you for a while now, and have totally enjoyed your blog since day one. I confess that I don't really remember how I heard about you. It was probably on reader/play but I'm not sure. I think it was mostly because of this. I thank you for your solutions to these awkward situations, and plan to implement them at my next opportunity.

PS-This was my first attempt, but you cant see it very well because it is so dang small, the next attempt will be in individual frames, which I will then make into a grid...I hope...maybe..

30 March 2010

Job Title: Professional Vacationer.

Wish I qualified for this job... Anyone out there want to pretend with me? I promise, I'm really good at vacations.

25 March 2010

Are we sure I'm not 12?

I forgot to include a title on a list of customers who received a certain letter our office sent out, so I just wrote a title on by hand (we are pretty laid back here). Except that when I was writing "who received" I didn't leave enough space between the two words, and after I wrote the "re" I giggled.

I also giggle every time I hear the Portuguese phrase for "What a horror!" because it sounds like "Que a whore."

Tee-he-he. Giggle, giggle.

23 March 2010

First Thought

What does it say about me when my phone falls into the abyss that is the van air vent and my first thought was "Meh." The second thought was "I hope that doesn't hurt anything on the van." Finally I realized that I did in fact need my phone because my friend was expecting a ride home from the airport a day or two later... Although, even then it was tempting to track down her phone number from other people and let her know to contact me at work so that I didn't not have to worry about getting my phone out of the wall....It would have been a great excuse to avoid certain* other calls...

*who am I kidding? Most other calls.

Feel the Burn

It's an amazing thing to me, just how much my life has changed in the last few months. Especially since nothing has really changed. Are you finding it hard to follow that? Haha-me too. And yet it's true. Nothing has really changed in my daily life- I still have the same work experience, the same school stresses, the same social situation, the same home environment. It's all the same. But it's now got a new perspective. About 6 months ago I went to my first Salsa lesson. Then a week later I went to my second. I have gone pretty much every week since then. In February I attended my first Bachata class with Sergio and Salud, and have since learned some Cha-cha and Merengue. Lately, I have gone out dancing 2 or 3 times a week. I really love the Latin dances. I love that our instructors bring such grace and class to our lessons, and the dancing environment. I'm a much happier person now.
I still don't know if I love dance or if I love the distraction it gives me from certain other things. (I know this a super cheesy way to put it, but...shrugs...) It came to me at a time when I was needing a change in my life. It prepared me to accept a loss. It now amazes me at how far reaching the impact in my life is. I am happier (at least I think so); I have things to look forward to; I have new friends, but I'd go alone if I had to; I am more aware of my body, and feel a difference in little things like how I walk; I don't need to feel guilty for not going to the gym.

From latindancepro.com:

How Many Calories Do I Burn While I Dance?

There is no doubt that dancing is great aerobic exercise, but are you aware of how many calories you’re burning while you’re grooving to your favorite music? You’ll be amazed at how many calories you burn while having fun! Check out the chart below:

Approximate Calories Burned Per Hour

100 lb. Dancer

125 lb. Dancer

150 lb. Dancer

175 lb. Dancer

200 lb. Dancer

Disco, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue





Samba, Ballet, Fast Dances





Waltz, Foxtrot, Bachata
Tango, Rhumba, Bolero





12 March 2010

Are you sure you are only 4?

I love playing with my nephews. They are always fun. Yesterday I took 2 of them to play some laser tag at the local ...what would you call that? A facility? Play zone? ...at the local laser tag-ery.
We were having a blast while getting swarmed by little kids. All in good fun, right? Apparently not for the little 4 year old who was talking trash.
I am told she walked up to someone and said: "Why are you so fat? That's why everyone can see you." Oh, is that why? I thought it was because of the flashing lights on the vests we are all wearing. I must have been confused, thanks for the clarification!
She had me backed into a corner and was shooting relentlessly. When my vest "deactivated" rendering my laser gun temporarily unusable she paused her trigger finger long enough to say "That's why you don't mess." Then just as my lights turned back on she shot me again (turning my gun off) and walked away.
Where do kids learn that from?
My nephew said "She obviously didn't watch the movie." The introductory video clearly stated that trash talk was not appropriate.
We all laugh about it, which is the sign of a great experience! I'm glad the boys already know better than that.

PS-You should watch this. I got a kick out of it when it showed up on reader's play. And, I don't know why they chose to show that image as the video attention grabber, but I'm sure it is a sad statement for society.

10 March 2010

I have to see this

It was very quiet in my office today (except for the normal lunch

hour rush, and the random spurt around 10:30) so in addition to playing my Risk-ish game, and after finding out when and where I can watch some beach volleyball, I eventually stumbled on things to do in "SoCal", which then directed me to the Ontario Convention Center website where I found treasure.

Yes, nestled between the myriad of Fred Pryor career seminars and the spring Home Show Extravaganza was the

Hall of Fame Regional Dance Competition 2010

Yep--Pure joy and happiness. Wait, it gets better: Open to the public. Ya. I will so be there in April, and you are all invited. Hats and glasses mandatory.

09 March 2010

Here's your sign:

Last time I was filling my car's gas tank, I noticed a new sign on the pump

Imagine it: You've had a pretty bad day, starting from the moment you woke up late. It seems like nothing is going right, and you are late for a meeting. On your way, you notice an extra little light on your dash--your car is almost out of gas. Knowing that it is already a bad day, you head to the gas station because you don't want to end up on the side of the road, and your luck is heading in that direction, so you head to the gas station. But apparently it's fill your car time, because there is a car at every one of the pumps, and 2 waiting in a line. Your turn finally comes, so you pull up, put your card in, pull it out and it slips out of your hand and down to the floor. When you finish fishing it out of the puddle that happens to be right in front of the pump, you see screen with one dreaded word: Declined. "That is impossible," you think. Once again you put in your card and this time it is happily accepted. You wipe the card on your pants and put it back in to your wallet, the 10 cent discount is flashing on the screen, and you think "Finally, things are looking up." You pump the gas, get back into the car, take a deep breath and turn the key. Dont Worry, Be Happy is playing on the radio. "Everythings going to be okay," you tell yourself.
see this seemingly normal gas pump. You put your car in gear, take off the brake, and start driving. You make it about 3 feet before you feel a strange tug--Yep, you've forgotten to return the nozzle to the pump you run back trying to figure out what to do, and on the pump you notice something odd. That's right, it is the worst day ever, and it just got worse.

Really?!? Does that happen often enough that you need to put a disclaimer on the pump? What a sad, sad world we live in.
But also totally entertaining for me. How horrible would that day be? It's so good they put a sign there, because people who forget to remove the hose before driving away are definitely going to read that.