10 September 2010

Who likes free stuff?

I DO!!!

My friend Christy posted a deal on her blog, and while I don't usually do stuff like this, I'm gonna take advantage of this one:

They're not real diamonds, but for $4 I didn't really expect them to be... and as you see by the 5 steps above, it's pretty easy. I think this is a great marketing strategy. Wouldn't it be nice if every new company gave away stuff for free instead of all those annoying ads and commercials? I've looked around, and it seems like a legit ad, but if you are worried, I"ll let you know if /when I get them!

Side note/letter:
Dear http://www.diamondearrings.org/,
I love this idea! What a great marketing concept. I hope this campaign brings you success in your business endeavors. But I have a question for you: How many carats? Next time you are doing something like this, you might want to mention that. Anyway, Thanks for the studs you are sending me! I'm sure I'll love them, but if not my way too girlie niece will love new dress up jewels.
Thanks again,

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