24 January 2009

Adventure: January

Because a family member is in the Navy, I was invited to attend the commissioning of the USS Green Bay. We went down to the Naval Shipyard,
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and went through all the metal detectors to take our seat and watch all the traditional acts like breaking the bottle on the side of the ship. It was quite an impressive ship, which would transport the Marines' Amphibious assault vehicles, among other things. (...I'm not an expert, that's just what I remember-feel free to correct me...) The current crew is 363 (28 officers, 323 enlisted, and 3 marines). Look at the size of it:

From Picture of the Day

I had a very fun day. My favorite part was after all ceremony they gave the signal to board the ship, and all the Naval men went running up to man the ship and stood saluting. It was pretty cool to see. I'm glad I got to go--Thanks HoChing family!

From Picture of the Day

Just as a side note: I loved how the picture below came out, (I mean, the quality could obviously be better, but, ya...) I wasn't intending to get the man's hands in the picture, but catching him applauding as the men stood on deck was a nice bonus because I don't think we see where the rest of us fit into the defense of our great nation. We see images of the people serving to protect our freedoms, and we hear of the people around us either supportive or complaining, but to put the two of them together was really powerful for me. Those hands represent each of us, and what we will never really be able to express/pay back.
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20 January 2009

Guess Where I Was!

This is an old picture--about a year ago. And it's going to be a little harder, except that some of you were there with me.
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13 January 2009

Reaching for Something.

A good friend introduced me to the world of the 6-Word Memoir. She also invited us to come up with our own memoir for 2008. In her comments I shared a few...then, shockingly, I submitted one to the site. I am not a story teller, but some how a 6-word story is less intimidating...
Anyway, I like what I came up with, because I have high expectations for myself; but I often fall short. So I generally avoid making goals and plans because I don't want to fail, and if there are no expectations, there is no failure, right? Well, this year I've finally started to accept that it's okay to have goals you don't necessarily achieve because it is the journey that matters, and as long as you are growing you have succeeded at something. I have wonderful friends who motivate me, and help me. Thanks to you all! Last year was interesting to say the least, full of the drama I generally avoid, but I learned that I loved forgetting myself in helping another climb the mountains of life. And now that the summit is reached, I look down to see what I climbed was really just a hill, but it's something I want to do again. So I'm off to find something to climb.
I've come a long way this past year. I've got a long way to go still. I'm learning how to do it better.

08 January 2009

I hate to say "I told you so" but...

I tried to warn you
but you wouldn't listen.
and you told me to stop
whenever I tried to explain.
It's who I am.
Something I accepted long ago.
But it was hard for you to hear,
because you didn't want to believe.
...it's harder now, isn't it?
Now that it's come true,
this state you tried to deny.
As you walk away from me;
as we grow further apart,
and you must acknowledge
I was nothing more to you
than a trinket of convenience.
A transition friend.