10 March 2010

I have to see this

It was very quiet in my office today (except for the normal lunch

hour rush, and the random spurt around 10:30) so in addition to playing my Risk-ish game, and after finding out when and where I can watch some beach volleyball, I eventually stumbled on things to do in "SoCal", which then directed me to the Ontario Convention Center website where I found treasure.

Yes, nestled between the myriad of Fred Pryor career seminars and the spring Home Show Extravaganza was the

Hall of Fame Regional Dance Competition 2010

Yep--Pure joy and happiness. Wait, it gets better: Open to the public. Ya. I will so be there in April, and you are all invited. Hats and glasses mandatory.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Lucky! Why does it have to be in April? Tell them to postpone it until May.