18 July 2009

Adventure: July

Did I do anything this month? Yes I did!!! We went to the 1800's Country Fair & Logger’s Jubilee, in Fawnskin. Aside form the few moments of fear as we watched an old man teeter as he carried a chain saw up a log ramp, it was a really fun day. And I've been craving a snow cone ever since!
Rachel already wrote about it, and since she's so good at blogging, you should just read hers. :-)

06 July 2009

Did I just stall?!?

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Friday was my sister's anniversary, so we decided to have a family temple trip. It was fun. We went to dinner after and I was stuffed after eating less than half my food--weird. But things got weirder as the night went on. After we got home, I gave my friend a ride. As we were getting off the freeway I stopped at a red light, to wait my turn to go right...and then someone rear ended me! As you can imagine I had no clue what to do or what had just happened. My only thought was "Oh no--my poor baby*!" The offending Mustang pulled up next to me and I put my window down. I heard Chris say something about the guy having a 40 in his hand, so I reach for the Ka-Bar I keep next to my seat, as if it will protect me from a gun...Ya, turns out "a 40" does not mean ".40 caliber gun" as I'd understood it, but rather "40 oz. drink" as in alcohol...I told you I had no clue what was happening. Anyway, the guy in the 03 Mustang said "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry guys."
"Would you please pull over up here?" Chris asked.
"Sure," Mr. Mustang replied. He then pulled around us and slowed down at the shoulder of the road only to speed off! What?!? Who does that? Punk. So we took off after him and slowed down at the next intersection where we found him with his lights off hiding in a community entrance drive way. When he realized that we saw him he took off, so I had to flip a U to try to catch up to him, but he'd gotten back on the freeway and was soon gone. Luckily Chris had already gotten his Plate number, so during all that chasing, he was also on the phone with CHP reporting the make, model, Year (I don't know how people can tell what year a car was made. I have a hard enough time remembering the year of my own car, and I have the owner's manual! It's a good thing he was there. We lost him pretty quick, because I couldn't really remember how to drive...So we pulled over on the side of an off ramp and waited for CHP to get there to file the report...but as we were waiting Chris got out to look at the damage to my bumper (because I was too much of a chicken, and I didn't think I could have taken seeing my baby hurt**. Want to know what he found? This. Pretty crazy right? I mean, it's really ugly, but it's not nearly as bad as I'd expected. CHP finally got there and we decided not to make a report because I don't want to show an accident on my record if there was no real damage***. So we got back in the car and (after I figured out how to drive again****) continued down the off ramp, then I turned where I thought I should to get us back to where we were initially heading...but turns out I was wrong. Again, I blame the accident messing with my mind. We got off the 10 in...I'm not really sure what city it actually was, but somewhere between San Dimas or Covina and instead of heading east towards our destination, I was in El Monte*****. Needless to say, I did not drive the rest of the way home.
PS- I'm a hypochondriac. I totally thought my neck was injured. I can still feel it when I think about the accident.

*Baby is what I call my car.
**I guess I'm really vain, because I don't think I could drive around with a smashed bumper. I'd probably have to get a new car. Seriously. All I was thinking about at the time was the fact that I can't afford a new car.
***Chris was nice enough to clean it up for me; good as new. Well, almost. The bumper isn't quite aligned right. There are also a few little chips and cracks that will never go away, but you can't really see them, and the huge black streaks are gone. I told you I am vain.
****Seriously. I didn't know how to drive. I even turned on my windshield wipers as I was trying to figure out how to make the car go.
*****I still don't understand what happened, because we never hit any big streets, and I wasn't driving that long...I knew I was on the wrong street from the one I wanted, but I figured we were at least heading in the right direction. Nope.