09 March 2010

Here's your sign:

Last time I was filling my car's gas tank, I noticed a new sign on the pump

Imagine it: You've had a pretty bad day, starting from the moment you woke up late. It seems like nothing is going right, and you are late for a meeting. On your way, you notice an extra little light on your dash--your car is almost out of gas. Knowing that it is already a bad day, you head to the gas station because you don't want to end up on the side of the road, and your luck is heading in that direction, so you head to the gas station. But apparently it's fill your car time, because there is a car at every one of the pumps, and 2 waiting in a line. Your turn finally comes, so you pull up, put your card in, pull it out and it slips out of your hand and down to the floor. When you finish fishing it out of the puddle that happens to be right in front of the pump, you see screen with one dreaded word: Declined. "That is impossible," you think. Once again you put in your card and this time it is happily accepted. You wipe the card on your pants and put it back in to your wallet, the 10 cent discount is flashing on the screen, and you think "Finally, things are looking up." You pump the gas, get back into the car, take a deep breath and turn the key. Dont Worry, Be Happy is playing on the radio. "Everythings going to be okay," you tell yourself.
see this seemingly normal gas pump. You put your car in gear, take off the brake, and start driving. You make it about 3 feet before you feel a strange tug--Yep, you've forgotten to return the nozzle to the pump you run back trying to figure out what to do, and on the pump you notice something odd. That's right, it is the worst day ever, and it just got worse.

Really?!? Does that happen often enough that you need to put a disclaimer on the pump? What a sad, sad world we live in.
But also totally entertaining for me. How horrible would that day be? It's so good they put a sign there, because people who forget to remove the hose before driving away are definitely going to read that.

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Amanda said...

I've seen this sign on Wisconsin pumps too, so it must be a national epidemic.