30 October 2009

You pick

What should I be for Halloween? I've never been very good at costumes. so far my options are:
-Stranger with Candy,
-Facebook--everyone's been telling me I should be on it, so maybe this is as close as I'll ever get to giving in,
-Renaissance girl (I made a corset a few years ago...I wonder if I can find it.)
-50's girl--my little sis has a poodle skirt(again, if I can find it)
-Any suggestions you have

...I think that's about it. I told you I wasn't good at this. Please help me.

28 October 2009

Past Adventures

I've finally finished a few posts about my monthly adventures that I was waiting to post till I had pictures...I never really got around to putting in the pictures, so I'm just going to post them now.

27 October 2009

Adventure: October

From Picture of the Day 2
I took another road trip to Utah--surprised? Don't be. I might make one more this year...In addition to my regular visits up there, I also got to see some of my Portuguese speaking friends! I really miss them. It was so fun to reconnect with them, and get to practice a little. It inspired me to watch Brazilian movies. You never really know what to expect with their movies, so I always have to give a little disclaimer to people who don't know Brazil. I watched one called "The Other Side of the Street" which was pretty good. Tomorrow I'm going to watch one called "Favela Raising" with my little brother, his wife, and our friend John. Im glad I don't have to explain questionable content to them, because this one could definately be questionable--It's about the ghettos.
Anyway--Pictured above are a few of my friends, sadly some are missing. I really do miss them! I hope we can get together again soon.
It was a pretty crazy weekend trying to fit everything in, but I loved being able to visit with so many friends. This was a nice trip because I had a friend for the drive up and back, but he spent the weekend with his girlfriend, so I was pretty much free to do whatever I wanted. I'm a jerk, but I really do like that freedom in a weekend trip...I'm so bad at making plans, so it's easier to just fly off and do something whenever my friends are free. I did that several times this weekend... "Hey Chrystal, I'm in town--when are you free? ...Right now? OK!" "Your roommates want to stay up all night watching chick flicks--OK!" "You are craving a giant Horchata from the gas station? Lets go!" "Can I crash your breakfast? Thanks!"

26 October 2009

Dear Becca,

When are you going to come visit again? I miss watching you drool. I have some good key-throwing material. I miss you!

23 October 2009


This morning I woke up with this song in my head*:

It's been one of my favorite songs since before I heard it. Seriously--I didn't even know it was a song. Someone I know wrote the lyrics in my notebook, and I thought it was a poem she'd written, and I loved it then. I eventually heard it in a sound-car driving down the street and I was shocked and even more in love. Here is a version of the lyrics in English, in case you wanted to know...It's pretty hard to read, but you can probably copy and paste it in a word document if you are really interested. I love how simple it is. I love that sometimes it doesn't matter what people are saying, just the fact that they are talking to you can somehow scare the demons away.

*Does that mean I was dreaming in Portuguese? ...Cool.

12 October 2009

A Home for Everything, and Everything in It's Home.

I had a really productive weekend. I washed and vacuumed my car on Saturday morning (with the help of my little niece and nephew...it was a long process...but they are so cute I don't mind!).
From Picture of the Day 2

Isn't she pretty? That night I bought some Armor-All and and car perfume from Wally's, so I'll probably spend the evening doing that. It's really exciting to work on my car--I've been neglecting her for so long, I was happy to finally have a day to shower her with my affection. Maybe it's just me, but there is something extremely exciting about sparkling tires!

While shopping I also found this:
From Picture of the Day 2

I have been looking for an organizer like this for a while now; a way to keep my jewelry organized, because it keeps getting all tangled up. It was in one of the containers I use for my make-up and hair clips:
From Picture of the Day 2
I love, Love, LOVE these containers!!! I believe I got them in the kitchen section of a Target or something. I used to keep them in a little zippered pouch, but I got so sick of having to dig through everything, so now I keep all my essentials in one tray, my multi-colored eye shadows in the second, and all the other pens and misc stuff in the last. I loved my new system so much I got another stacker for my hair clips and barrettes. It's so nice to have everything divided up and organized. <--That plus the fact that I was spending my Saturday night shopping made me realize that I'm old! So I decided I might as well get myself some yarn and a good hook so I can pick up crocheting.

From Picture of the Day 2
I decided I wanted to make an afghan, and I was just going to do a basic crochet stitch, but then I saw this pattern; it's basically a huge granny square. I've done about a square foot now, so by the time it's cold here in California, I should have something made-by-me to curl up in.