13 April 2009

Hot shot

I went to Bass Pro Shop with a friend and while he was continuing his love affair in the ammo department, I was left to wonder around and entertain myself...And I came across this arcade style game. I played once and my score was somewhere in the 300's, a "fair shot" according to the score chart.

I played a second time, and guess what my score was:

629!?! Ya- I'm good. In fact, I'm so good, I'm off the charts. I'm totally impressed, since I didn't hit a target with every shot.* And just as I finished playing my friend came up behind me and I could brag about it a little. He recommended that I take a picture so I could blog about it. Now that's a real friend.

*There really must have been a mistake, but who am I to refuse a gift from the point master in a video game?

08 April 2009

Advenure: April

My adventure for April was another road trip to UT. I'm sure you all know what I was doing in UT during the first weekend in April. It was so nice to take a few days off work! And since it was my spring break from school, I got to leave as soon as I finished working on Thursday. I had so much fun!!! Saturday was a really long birthday party for the BFF with her family. I love her family. They are like my unadopted parents. :-) They always take really good care of me, and my friend is a riot of fun--I love her (even if she doesn't update her blog. ever.). I finally got to go to the "temple with the green roof" that I've heard so much about. I also go to meet up with some friends I haven't seen in a long time and stay in a room with a "Jack and Jill" bathroom--So cool! When they told us there was a Jack and Jill bathroom, I instantly thought of 90210. And I haven't remembered that show in a long time.
Oh ya, and it turns out I did take one picture on my trip...but since I keep forgetting to upload it, I'll just tell you: It's snowing! ...On my car. My poor Baby. But she was a good girl driving through it all.

06 April 2009

I needed it. Honest.

For my April adventure I took another road trip* but guess what I did not take: Pictures. Not even one. Sad. So, I bought myself a present. It was a total necessity, and not at al something I got just because I wanted it. And it's really responsible. (And also, I'm lying a little.)
But I am very excited to get it and play. I'm not really a good photographer, so it might not do me any good, but at least for the next few days you should expect to see me with it in my hand at all times (as soon as I get a case/cover for it).

*I'll blog about that soon.