09 April 2010

The Corny Collins Show is officially...

Have you ever driven down the 55? I'm sure you have. But did you notice the huge building to the east? Maybe. It looks something like this:
Did you wonder what it was? I did. So obviously I had to Google it. Surprised? Turns out it is the Marine Corps Air Station Tustin. Well, the former MCAS, Tustin. It's actually got a long history before that. Check out this watercolor Paul Gavin:

See the little, itty-bitty helicopter in front of the building? It's a CH-53. According to Wikipedia:
  • Length: 88 ft 6 in (26.97 m)
  • Rotor diameter: 72 ft 2.7 in (22.01 m)
  • Height: 24 ft 11 in (7.6 m)

It's not actually so itty-bitty, is it? Shows how huge the building really is. Seriously, ginormous.

That's because it was originally the Naval Air Station Santa Ana. Built to house blimps. Six of them. Crazy.

Anyway, the reason I even saw this was because it was pointed out to me on the way to the OCPAC to see Hairspray!!! Fantastic!

PS*- Can you finish the title quote? The Corny Collins Show is officially what? And who said it?

*I really do need to come up with a prize for the first correct commenter...I'd say we'd go out for ice cream, but that won't really work because not everyone is local. Maybe I'll make some greeting cards and send a random one...or I can make you personalized address labels! ...ya, kinda lame...maybe...um...I still got nothing...one day!


Rachel said...

Integrated! (Let's get ice cream)

Thanks for doing the research. That thing is huge. I can't believer that all of these years of driving out to the beach I've never noticed it before.

Anonymous said...

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