30 January 2010

Excuse me...

I needed to get a picture with The Munchkins, but there was a group of people standing over it...Me, being me, I walked right up to them and asked if we could get a picture...but apparently my pointing to the star on the ground wasn't clear enough, because the woman said "Sure" and turned to pose with me. So, I pointed to the again, more enthusiastically this time and her group pulled her away. We snapped my picture and headed on...and then it dawned on us--she was probably someone important!

Dear Woman I probably offended,
I'm really sorry. I have a one track mind. I was focusing on the task at hand, and didn't realize how important you are. I am also horribly forgetful, so I wouldn't recognize anyone, let alone someone as important as you. I meant no insult by it; you must realize how exciting the Munchkins are. I'm sure that's why you were hovering over their star. Thank you for allowing us to include your foot in the picture. I'll tell all my kids you are very kind.
Distractedly yours,
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28 January 2010

I'm a real (busy) boy!

Pinocho runs fast, but Suzana was able to keep up--almost. What a great day! A great week, actually. My old roommate was visiting CA for the first time, so we did some sight seeing. It was so fun! A road trip through Vegas, dancing at Ix Tapa, Sea World (buy a day, get the year for free), picking up a stranger in San Diego, Hollywood walk of stars, Disneyland (I've got an annual pass there, too--let's plan a trip!), cooking a Brazilian dinner for the familly, a 3am trip to LAX, and a week trying to recover it all. We'd planned a trip to Venice beach, but the rain cancelled that one--Good thing there were beaches near Sea World! I love this girl--She is so sweet, and so fun! We splashed in puddles, then decided we needed to be semi-formal, so we went to a mall in the pouring rain. We laughed through hours of conversation. I have to agree with my nephew, Tui, who asked "Where's Sue?" as I walked in the door from taking her to the airport. " I miss her." She was here for only a week, but will be missed by all for much longer.
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18 January 2010

One week in CA

If you only have one week in California, what would you make sure you see/do?

15 January 2010

Direct quotes:


How's school going?

It's never ending.

When are you coming back to Nunchucks?

Haha--sadly, probably never.

We miss you guys-- I always
loved having you ladies there.

We miss being there!

Well then come!

After 6 months I'm afraid I won't
be able to remember anything

You'll be fine.

It was nice seeing you!

See you soon?


Connecting the Dots

It's a funny thing, how people think. It's all based on perception and experience. When a single word is stated to a group of people, the mental interpretations can be completely different. A late night call illustrates different social indications for each person involved. The perfect day can be set in a million different places. Just as I think I have people figured out; able to predict their interpretations of an event, I find that instead of the abstract through process I'd expected, the thought ends at a hat. Keeps life interesting?

13 January 2010

Here's your sign:

I was in a bit of a rush this morning, because I didn't wake up quite as early as I have been (I still had time to watch a whole episode of Gilmore Girls, so I wasn't too late but still.). I was up really late last night dancing. We stayed later than we normally do--I didn't realize how late it was 'till we were driving home. Don't get me wrong, it was a great night, and so much fun! ...but it's also a week night, and I have work at 8am... Anyway, I was hurrying to be ready on time this morning, but I couldn't find the pants I wanted. It'd actually been a while since I saw them--I just couldn't figure out where they could be hiding. And then I remembered that I still haven't unpacked my suitcase from when I stayed at my parents over the Christmas holiday (don't judge me)...And in that suit case I found the pants! And in the pants I found a wad of cash. Yep--It's gonna be a good day.

08 January 2010

Wil Work 4 Creditz

It's amazing to me how hard it is to volunteer places these days. I was seriously searching 6 months ago and was told that there were no openings available; no volunteer work was accepted; the only availability was working the game clock for a basketball team; it's too expensive to have volunteers--and that's when I'd get a call back at all. You'd think that in today's economy business would love to have free labor. Especially when the applicant is a college student. I'd heard so many no's that I'd practically given up on trying. I checked back with the few locations that had bothered to reply, and their options remained the same, but as time passed my effort diminished. I am hugely grateful that I was able to talk to a council member, who put in a call for me (Thank you sir!). I had an interview today for a position--It was interesting actually, because the interviewer seemed to think it would be a long term placement, and was asking what programs I could introduce...It'll actually only be 6 weeks tops. Anyway, after the interview I went in to the office and filled out the 10 page application, complete with a background check authorization. It'll be about 2 weeks for that to go through. Sounds like a lot of hoops, doesn't it? I'm just happy to (maybe) find something after all this time!