03 May 2010

Speaking of...

Speaking of hats, you should check out the hats that made an appearance at the Kentucky Derby. Here is a little taste of what you'll find: I love hats.

P.S. Dear MSN, I could potentially be a fan of your "glo" (I already really like the logo). I am a huge fan of Google, so I appreciate that you are starting to look like them. Sadly, I find the added bar across the top to be hugely distracting. You know, the black one, which sits below the white one which appears very similar to another site's. This is mostly because it takes up even more of the top of the screen (almost a whole inch at all times, then you add even more with the drop-down menu that pops up if I accidentally pass my mouse over anything up there), which means that the images in your slide shows don't fit on my screen. Huge sad face. If you could please re-size the images so that I don't have to be perpetually sliding my bar up and down, that would be fantastic--I'd like to be able to see the whole image at the same time. Shocking, I know.
The alternative is simply moving your site's navigation bar from the top of the screen to the side, but since you already have other pop outs on the left, it'd have to be on the right... Hey, you could just simplify the whole thing. I understand wanting to draw people in, and I do find the site visually appealing (aside from the slide show images) so far. I'd just like to see the whole picture. Is that too much to ask for? I didn't think so.

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Christy said...

ha. or you could just design a certain lady to be your website designer and that would be even better. :)