12 March 2010

Are you sure you are only 4?

I love playing with my nephews. They are always fun. Yesterday I took 2 of them to play some laser tag at the local ...what would you call that? A facility? Play zone? ...at the local laser tag-ery.
We were having a blast while getting swarmed by little kids. All in good fun, right? Apparently not for the little 4 year old who was talking trash.
I am told she walked up to someone and said: "Why are you so fat? That's why everyone can see you." Oh, is that why? I thought it was because of the flashing lights on the vests we are all wearing. I must have been confused, thanks for the clarification!
She had me backed into a corner and was shooting relentlessly. When my vest "deactivated" rendering my laser gun temporarily unusable she paused her trigger finger long enough to say "That's why you don't mess." Then just as my lights turned back on she shot me again (turning my gun off) and walked away.
Where do kids learn that from?
My nephew said "She obviously didn't watch the movie." The introductory video clearly stated that trash talk was not appropriate.
We all laugh about it, which is the sign of a great experience! I'm glad the boys already know better than that.

PS-You should watch this. I got a kick out of it when it showed up on reader's play. And, I don't know why they chose to show that image as the video attention grabber, but I'm sure it is a sad statement for society.

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Rachel said...

That trailer is genius.