27 June 2009

Adventure: June

From Picture of the Day 2
I decided I wanted to try a day trip from the Westways Magazine put out by AAA. I had planned on doing one in PV, but things for that...well, they didn't really work out. Maybe another time (anyone want to come?) Instead I spent the morning at the Botanical gardens (where I got the above picture) and then I did the Old Towne Orange tour--from a different issue of Westways. I have been there before, but just driving through, and I've always wanted to visit when I could walk around.
I started at Watson's Drugs and Soda Fountain, because who doesnt love a soda fountain? Then I went around and saw most of the places listed, and a few others that just looked interesting. One of my Favorite parts was eatting my food at the little park in the round-about. We don't have very many of those in modern USA. I admit that they scare me a little to drive on--especially if they are large--but they are so old townsy I love them!!!
It was nice to take some me time, sit there watching people and reading my book. I am a pretty fun chick--why don't I spend more time with myself?

20 June 2009

Beach Poem*

I've been thinking of the beach,
and how I long to go.
Wondering why I love it;
what appeal does it have?
Is it the sound of the ocean
waves washing shore?
Or the warmth of the sun
reflected all around?
Perhaps the free pedicure
as sand exfoliates feet?
aybe all. Maybe none.
think it's my inner laziness
longing to escape.
A place free from expecta
where all that's required is
relaxation and enjoyment.
No steps to memorize.
No tests to pass.
No names and dates to correlate.
All that's begging my attention
is the summer book on my lap,
and maybe the friend at my side.
Where reading is for pleasure,
and when I want to stop I can.
No hurry to finish before the exam.
Conversations aren't intense
but lay in random musings
of no worldly importance.
A quick nap in the sun.
A stroll down the pier.
Decisions made in the moment.
That's where I need
to live my life.
That's where I'll find success.
A vacation on my door step,
or a quick drive away.
My retreat within sight.

*I hope you don't expect much because I use the word "poem" loosely...I'm pretty much making it up right now, so it's probably not going to be good. You've been warned.

15 June 2009

Here's Your Sign

If you think your car is so valuable that you have to take up two (2) parking spaces so there's no chance that other cars will hit it while you are at the park, you can't afford it--and therefore shouldn't have bought it.
PS-- Dear person, This is a little parking lot, on a busy park day (There was a hula show, in case you park this way so often you can't remember each offensive incidence) so next time think of the people you are making park 4 blocks away. It wasn't me, but it could have been the little old lady who went to watch her granddaughter do the hula. And, just so you know: If I still had my little Suzuki Samurai (or a motorcycle), I definitely would have parked in one of those parking spots, which would put me very close to your precious car. Think about that next time.
Love, Me.

08 June 2009

Time to Step it Up

I agree with Amanda, let's help Rachel win the Funniest Blog Award! I'm not good enough at voting to do it, so I need your help. Click here:

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And Vote for "Rachel Says So." You can vote once a day, so go back every day and put lets put her in her place! (1st place, that is.)