04 March 2009

You can trust me.

On my last road trip I made a quick stop at The Gun Store in Vegas. I know, it's not somewhere you'd expect me to be, with with the new year came a new me. Well, actually I've kind of been reinventing myself for the last...5 years or so. I just reached a point where I was sick of all the things I was too afraid to do. So now I'll do just about anything, because if nothing else, it's a good story to tell (I think that's one of the things motivating me too--one day I realized how uninteresting I was. Why would anyone want to be my friend if I had nothing to talk about? Now my problem is talking too much, but I'm working on that too.)
From Picture of the Day

Anyway, back to Vegas. The thing that's special about The Gun Store is that you can rent big scary guns. Like the MP5, pictured above, which is what I rented. That's right--I shot a Machine gun. And I gotta say it: I'm pretty good.
As you can see, the target chosen for me was a picture of a hostage situation. If you want to see the target after I finished killing it, just click here. I really only killed the hostage once. I mean, she'd be seriously dead because I shot her in the forehead...but one out of 50 rounds is pretty good odds. So, have no fear--if you are a hostage, and I have a machine gun, there is a 98% chance that I can save you. The odds are in our favor.
From Picture of the Day


Rachel said...

You're so brave. I would cry if I got anywhere near a gun like that.

Jennette said...

Heather, you're so amazing! And surprising! It looks like you had a good time and kudos to you for trying something new!

Heath said...

I really did enjoy myself, (which I am pretty shocked about). Next I think I'm going to try to take on a SAW!!!

PS--If any of you want to do something crazy, CALL ME!!! I'll probably want to go. ;-)