23 March 2009

Adventure: March

I wanted to visit my friend's family, and Chris wanted to go to church at boot camp, so we made a trip down to the San Diego area to do both. I had to work/volunteer on Saturday afternoon, so as soon as I got off we headed down and spent the weekend there. On Sunday we went to church at the MCRD in San Diego--It was weird being pretty much the only girl there. I mean, the branch presidency's wives were there, but that's it. Let me tell you: singing was weird! Haha. But it was interesting to see everyone and it really was a very spiritual meeting. I got a personal tour of the facility, from the yellow footprints
From Picture of the Day
(where recruits line up when they first arrive) to the graduation quad. I even saw the McCain Family seats
From Picture of the Day
at the "taco hut" (I don't really know why, but that's what the building is called...probably because it kinda looks like a taco hut in TJ or something...) where they watch the graduations. Some day we'll go back on a Friday so I can see a graduation.
I also went to the gun show...not really exciting because it's less a show and more a swap-meet. So unless you are buying parts for your gun* (I don't have a gun) you're really just wondering around and looking at shirts and bumper stickers that insult Obama, or warn that there is a gun on the premises, or in support of the troupes. Some were really funny and others were kinda deep. Don't get me wrong--It's always fun watching people at these things!
On Camp Pendelton there is a beautiful beach! It's really clean because you have to get on base to get there. I was really looking forward to getting some time in a swimsuit and the sun, but it was pretty windy and cold, so maybe next time. Instead we went to the shops and I bought myself some tax-free perfume! :-) Then on our way home we stopped in Vegas. Ok, so Vegas isn't on our way home...and we didn't really go there, but I felt like I was in a Vegas casino when I entered the South Coast Plaza--very fancy. We ate burgers at the Rainforest Cafe...As classy as we get. Hahaha.

*I just though I should let you know that I went to the OC show and was way more entertained...but then I did buy a part for a gun, so that might have made the difference. I also made some friends by letting 2 men take my place at the ammo table because I wasn't actually buying anything, so I could stand behind my party, and then they ended up taking cuts--and spending over $600 each!?! On ammo! Sick. But they made sure we were helped next, so that was nice. We got our $40 worth of ammo and continued on our way.

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the freshmaker *ting said...

for some reason when i read gun show, i always think muscles...too bad it wasn't that exciting ;)