24 February 2009

Adventure: February

Road trip to UT!!!
This all started as an excuse to spend some extra time with my little sister, but then (because of my inability to miss school and lots of work) it transformed into a trip to visit Valerie. And then to that was added a road trip adventure with a friend. I left around noon on Friday, and returned Monday evening. Gas ended up being my only expense, and that was only around $105 including the fill up after we got home. (Well, I did spend $100 at the mall, but I don't count that as a road trip expense. That's just a present for myself--don't you think I deserve it?) A fairly inexpensive trip, at least I think so.

I got to visit my cousin in St. George and eat a "Made in Brazil" a DELICIOUS Brazilian Churrascaria (pronounced "all-you-can-eat meat" Yummy!). It was so good! Mmmm I'm craving some beans and rice and fried mandioca. Maybe I'll convince someone to take me out to dinner tonight...or at least go with me. Any takers?

We also stopped in Vegas, where I did something wild and crazy (not like that--get your mind out of the gutter) haha.

I got to see my long lost friend, Valerie, and get to know her husband Chris a little better. We met up with her family and my family for lunch, which was fun because it's been a while since we had everyone together. We did a little goofing off, and I remembered how fun she is an how well we get along. We even went to the mall for girl time (Where I spent way more money that I should have, but I got some good stuff.) while the boys went out for manly bonding time (aka an activity that involves danger and, most likely, recklessness...and breaking bottles).

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I also got to visit with some mission friends. :-) including one that I haven't in YEARS, so that was nice. And my BR roommate who saved my life a million times in the few months we lived together made dinner for us. She's an amazing cook. She used to make magical mixes for me when I was sick and they always worked like a miracle. And her current roommates made up some delicious snacks that are super fancy and yet totally easy. Oreo's are involved- in fact, they're the main ingredient. Sounds good already, right?

I think that the hardest part of the trip was having to say good-bye to my little sister. I mean, I'm excited for her, and she's doing the best thing in the world-I'd totally trade places with her! ...but she's my best friend in CA, so I'm really gonna miss her advice and comfort and jokes--she's seriously hilarious.
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Amanda said...

I love your short hair!!!

Heath said...

haha--I forget people haven't seen me with it! I love it too--In fact, I'm thinking about cutting it again--this time even shorter... and adding some color...