16 March 2009

Catch up

I decided that this will be a year of adventure! I want to do something every month. It was originally going to be a trip every month, but I missed January, so I'm counting the USS Green Bay because that is probably a once in a lifetime experience, at least for me. But apparently I didn't blog about it, so I'm going to cheat in the blogging world and post date some blogs, just so I can keep track of what month they were in. As I said, January was the USS Green Bay. February I took a road trip to UT. And for this month I was supposed to have my adventure last weekend, but I ended up having to work, so we'll see if I can reschedule the road trip I had planned, or if I will have to come up with something else...Either way, you'll have to wait and see!


Anonymous said...

how funny, i guess after this past new years; i looked at what i had done in the past year and decided i didn't have enough adventure. so i too, had planned on a more adventerous year... i need more fun in my life. And not too far off from yours, i have done a couple weekend roadtrips to utah and even just for dinner and back that was fun. also, a couple of drives along the PCH .i'm excited to here what you have planned next. enjoy : )

Heath said...

I'm a firm believer in experiencing things. I'm glad you have a similar goal, Anonymous....I just wish I could keep up on what you did too--I'm always looking for new ideas for things to do.