22 September 2008

100 mostly uninteresting things about me

I loved reading the Magic 100th blogs, so I thought I'd try one too. In preparing to write mine, I went back to check some others: Rachel, Liz, Amanda, Laura, Lizl...I think that's all of them... So, anyway, here are 100 very random, and mostly uninteresting tidbits about me:

  1. I have a desk job
  2. And by "desk" I mean I sit at one all day
  3. But I don't really have a lot to do
  4. So I mostly just pretend to be busy.
  5. I totally blog stalk people
  6. And it's often people I don't know.
  7. I LOVE origami
  8. I'm not really good at it, but I do it anyway.
  9. The first thing I learned how to make was a ball
  10. My elementary school friend taught me
  11. At church.
  12. Then in 7th grade I learned how to make a samurai
  13. My English teacher taught the class when we were reading a book about a samurai
  14. ...I don't remember which one...
  15. Right now I'm working on a bouquet of flowers
  16. For my desk at work.
  17. It started while I was at school last week
  18. One of my teachers had an origami bouquet on her desk
  19. So I was trying to figure out how to make the flowers
  20. While she was lecturing.
  21. I have the attention span of a toddler.
  22. Ooh--What's that? ...
  23. ...Where was I?...
  24. Oh ya--Attention spans
  25. My memory is bad, too.
  26. I honestly think there's something wrong with me
  27. Sometimes I can't remember words
  28. On Sunday, I seriously spent 3 minutes trying to think of "Millennium"
  29. Last week I couldn't say "wet weather"
  30. I still have to think really hard to say it.
  31. And my spelling is worse.
  32. I love spell check.
  33. I can't wait till it moves past correcting the spelling, to knowing the intended word
  34. Like distinguishing between there/their/they're.
  35. My family has a board where we mark our height on our birthdays
  36. At the top it says "See how we've groan"
  37. I still don't know if that was intentional.
  38. I'm the shortest in my family
  39. They always called me the runt
  40. I haven't made a new line since I was 14.
  41. The highest mark on the board is my uncle Jon.
  42. I am really lazy
  43. If I could, I'd just sit around all day.
  44. I love the beach.
  45. It's probably because no one expects you to do anything there
  46. Thereby allowing me to be lazy.
  47. I ask a lot of questions
  48. "Are you still reading this?"
  49. "Why?"
  50. I ask questions so I don't have to think.
  51. See, I told you I'm lazy.
  52. I love when I have a crush on someone
  53. It makes life more exciting and interesting
  54. But I don't really know what to do about it
  55. So I just do nothing--It's easier
  56. I'd probably forget about it soon anyway.
  57. I'm not very good at sitting around
  58. I'm sure you already know that
  59. It's why you never see me.
  60. It's a recent development
  61. But I don't know where it came from
  62. Because lazy people usually love doing nothing.
  63. There are very few people I sit down with.
  64. I usually only watch 1 or 2 TV shows a week
  65. (Not counting the GSN I watch with my grandma).
  66. I almost never watch TV with other people
  67. It goes back to my lack of ability to sit around
  68. There is only 1 person I've watched aimless TV with this month
  69. And I thought I was going to defenestrate myself.
  70. (That's one of my favorite words
  71. But I've never used it about myself
  72. And I'm not sure that's correct usage.)
  73. But I had no excuse to leave
  74. Except: "I hate TV and right now I hate you."
  75. And I don't really like to tell people I hate them
  76. So I stayed
  77. And took a nap.
  78. Nap time is the highlight of my day
  79. I wish I could take a nap everyday.
  80. Why'd they take that out of school?
  81. It makes me sad when I think about all the things kids are missing.
  82. What "expert" decided it was a good idea to get rid of recess?
  83. Why don't more parents teach their children respect/consideration?
  84. I don't have a bucket list
  85. If I did it would say: Do everything
  86. It would probably be underlined three times.
  87. I have lots of irrational fears
  88. Or maybe it's better classified as paranoia
  89. I don't usually tell people about it because I don't want them to be like me.
  90. When people ask, I say I'm afraid of failure
  91. (Which I really am!).
  92. My biggest regret is my lack of experience
  93. I missed out on too much in my life
  94. Which is why I'm so willing to do just about anything now
  95. Even hold a gun.
  96. I'm told this would be the perfect one for me.
  97. I don't want a gun in my house.
  98. Unless it's a marshmallow shooter
  99. I have 2 Marshmallow Shooters in my trunk
  100. Just in case I feel the sudden need to have a "gun" fight.


Andrea said...

Loved the list! Oh, and I blog stalk people too.

Liz W. said...

Hey, I've never heard of the marshmellow shooter! Now that's a weapon I can support...

Erica said...

This was hilarious. I laughed so hard. You freaking crack me up.

Rachel said...

Have I mentioned lately how much I love you. You're so great. I love that you used the word defenistrate. it's one of my favorites too! And I also have a hard time remembering words.