16 September 2008

Guess Where I Was!

Okay, this one might be a little more difficult, but It's one of my favorite places, so you might know it. And I promise that it's not that far away.
From Guess where I was


Rachel said...

Um, well, from the haze I'm guessing it could be in our mountains somewhere. But then it's awfully green and lush for our mountains, but I can see it was taken in March, which would be about the greenest time of year up there. Oh, I have no idea. Big Bear?

Amanda said...

I know where that is! Bronwyn and I went and sat on those rocks one day when she came to visit. It is up that one street. Am I right? Mt. Baldy or Mountain???

Heather said...

Amanda is right--It's near Mt. Baldy Village. One of my favorite escapes. I have a picture from here that I love because there are so many layers...but it's not as recognizable.