03 April 2008

That's just cold.

Last month, I had a free Saturday (those are few and far between) so I made plans with some friends to go snowboarding. But as time passed, my calender got busier, and I discovered that I had another obligation...A service project from 10-2. Right in the middle of the day. And I thought that all was lost. I was ready to call off the trip, and was talking to my friend Ryan, who was kinda the trip organizer, and he said that he actually enjoys night boarding better because there are fewer people, and the sun isn't beating down on you. So, we decided to give that a try...and then we found out that Ryan, who often works nights, would be working out of the state Friday night, and coming home Saturday afternoon, and I was ready to call it off again. He insisted that it would still happen, but I feared for the worst. True to my name, I'm full of doubt.

But it did happen! We finally made it to Mountain High at 7:30pm, and had a blast sliding down the snow on our butts! Well, not all of us...some people had been before, and were really good at it...mostly it was just me scooting down the bunny slope. But I'd definitely do it again if I got the chance!!!


The B3 Sutters said...


p.s I know about my "gift"

Mitchell3 said...

woooo wee that looks cold. Hey Heather. You found us. It was awesome tracking down Ryan and Tiff thru you but where's Buffy? I thought for sure she'd be bloggin. Brian remembers you everytime. He doesn't remember Buffy but you he remembers. I appreciate you being such a good example back in H.S. He was like "yeah I know a mormon girl at school". (talking about you) We started hanging out my Sr. year and then dated for years and years on and off. After Brian joined the church and 3 proposals later from B I went to the San Diego Temple with Jennette and got my answer. Now here we are almost 4 years later happily married. Life is good. Speaking of life I'm glad that life is treatin you well. We'll have to keep in touch.

Jennette said...

I didn't know you snowboarded! I tried it for the first time over a year ago, it's so fun! And painful! Oh, and consider youself tagged. See my blog for details and blame my sister Becky.