17 April 2008

The poem in my pocket

This is the image I see at night,
When my head lies down and eyes close tight.
Deep into sleep I peacefully dive;
The dream I feared would never arrive.

*I don't actually have any pockets in my clothes today, so does it count if it's in the pocket of my school bag? ...would it help if I promise to read it often? Or if I shared it?


Christy B. said...

nice image. ah, i feel like i'm there right now.

Liz W. said...


Do you know how happy this makes me? Do you?

I actually said an audible "Yippy!" when I read your post!

Yay for poetry!!!!!!

(And for great friends like you!!!!!!!!!)

Heather said...

Well I'm glad it make you happy, because I forgot to make coppies before I left for school, so I couldnt share it much. Good thing I have a blog for people to read. And thanks for your "Yippy!" That made my day!