11 April 2008


I know that it was a whole week ago, but I'm finally going to get my pictures from Amandapalooza up. (They've been on my web album for a while...maybe I'll add that link somewhere for anyone that's interested in spying on my pictures.)
While driving on the freeway, Katie and I found some fun. It was nice to be a passenger and therefore able to see the sights around me. (Thanks for driving Katie!) Now, I've been known to take a picture or two while driving but as a passenger I went crazy! The fun started with this one: He was right along side us pretty much the whole time we were on the 10. It was fun trying to get the pictures because when I finally realized I could take the picture, we could only see him through the windows of other cars. But Katie's a pro driver and got me close enough to get these:

That's right. It says Geezers M. C. He's hardcore and wears a mask with his leather jacket and flag helmet. Rock on Gus! (Okay, so I don't actually know his name, and I can't remember what we decided it was...Katie--A little help here.)
We kinda lost track of him when we saw this truck:
This is Benny.* This is the new truck that he bought last week to compensate for the Body Building Competition he lost at muscle beach last month. He was afraid his girlfriend would be disappointed in him so he wanted a nice ride to make up for it...but she's super shallow and dumped him anyway. Poor guy. Good thing I'm a great girlfriend. He'll find that out soon, because he's gonna fall madly in love with me as he teaches me how to surf next week.**
The next moment of excitement was probably mostly just mine. We had a few minutes to kill, so we went driving up this random street near Duke's and found this nice community with a private elementary school that has a rock wall in the play ground. A Rock wall?!? How cool is that? I've always wanted to try climbing a rock wall, and these 5 year-olds can do it everyday. That's the life. I hope Benny plans on having kids, and living in that community. ...Living that close to the beach, we could go surfing everyday. Before or after work, of course.
And of course, the reason for the journey--Amanda!!!! Doesn't she look cute in her Villa? Ya, it's not so much her's as it is the Getty's....but she's working those capri's! Oh, Amanda. California was lucky to have you, even if it was for only a few days. I'm really glad your spring break was the same week as mine was! It also worked out nicely that my road trip kinda fell through so that I could spend more time with you. I probably would have been upset if you weren't here to fill my free day!

*I decided not to try to put a real picture of his face on here, because how weird would that be: minding your own business and browsing through blogs, when suddenly you see a dark, fuzzy image of yourself! And you think "I'm being stalked!?!" It might cause years of therapy, and I'm not willing to inflict that on someone so cute.
**The names and facts have been made up. Any similarity to real life, or people you may know is completely coincidental. The author's status as a girlfriend is according to her own reports, and has yet to be confirmed. If your boyfriend is named Benny, you have nothing to worry about: this is neither a picture of him, nor a factual evaluation of his body building abilities, although, you might want to make sure you really like him, and not just his money/social standing. Just a tip. If this is a picture of your boyfriend, BEWARE--He freeway flirts, which may, or may not be an indication of real flirting and/or fidelity to you.


Katie said...

Ah, Benny. He was dreamy, and a great freeway flirter. And Mr. Geezer MC didn't have an official name, but I've since thought of him as Clarence. How does that fit? Thanks for being a great driving partner with me. You made traffic actually fun!

Rachel said...

You are seriously so cute and funny and I love you to bits.