01 April 2008

April Fools Day

I thought I'd share the Top 100 fun April Fools Day pranks. I love this day. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a prankster. I could never pull anything off without laughing. According to The Guangming Daily (Beijing's main newspaper), "April Fool's Day is Liar's Day," and everyone knows I'm a bad liar. But it's always been a fun day in my house because when setting the table for meals, instead of using plates, forks, knives, spoons, etc. we used random kitchen items: maybe you'd get a cookie sheet instead of a plate; maybe a vase for a glass; a soup ladle for a spoon...It was always fun to find new things to make someone eat with. It's sad that even if I still did that, it would just be me...and it's really sad to pull pranks on yourself.
Anyway--Enjoy you're day of telling people anything you want!


Christy B. said...

i love april fools, even though i also can never keep a straight face. what a fun idea your parents had to celebrate! i was thinking about telling people i'm pregnant again, but that's not even funny to me at this point. :)

Mr. Hall said...

I forgot that it was April Fools until some students reminded me in 1st period this morning. Maybe that's why the luke-warm tub was a luke-warm tub instead of a hot-tub last night! Still had fun hanging with you anyway!