29 February 2008

I make too much?!?

Dear FAFSA board,
I make too much? As in "I make too much?!?" Seriously? I don't know who is doing your calculations, but there is something seriously wrong with it if you think that I have an extra $4,500 laying around...I can't even afford to live on my money, let alone have extra to apply towards an EFC (estimated family contribution). I'm paying for college on my own (AKA: No family contribution. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.). I was understanding about it this year because I'm living with my parents, so they are contributing to my existence: Room, Food, Utilities. But I just applied for next year, and I plan on moving out this summer, so I selected the option "living off campus (not with parents)" So, that means the EFC is just me. And since my current income is puts me right around the Typical Expenses (AKA, I make just below what's needed to survive, before taxes are taken out...after taxes, I'm way below...) for the state of CA (the fact that I hope to move to one of the more expensive areas should be taken into account--Dear Heather, Why'd you have to pick a Univ. in the middle of the vain civilization? Why couldn't you pick a small town place like San Berdu or Frez? Love, Heather) I'm positive I won't have 5000 left. Not after I pay rent, insurance, phone, food, gas and all the other expenses that come along with independence and growing up. I'm not even sure I'll be able to pay for all those things. And do you know what that means? That means I'll have to take out student loans. I HATE student loans. I hate the feeling of being in debt. Which, in turn, means that I will have to stop taking my cheap little vacations all the time (and by all the time, I mean like every other month, because I have next to no free time, what with a full time job and full time school and full time service at church) and pay them off ASAP. If you know me, you know that I NEED my cheap little vacations to maintain my sanity. I need my trips to the beach, (yes, I do count a day trip to the beach as a "cheap little vacation") or a weekend in AZ or UT or NV or wherever else. With out them I might seriously consider dropping out of school (and if I do that, I can guarantee the gov. will be spending more on me than it will be getting from me, which I'm sure will cut into your FAFSA budget. FYI.) I already want to because I've been going pretty consistently since I was 5. I've had a total of 2 years off in that entire time. That's sick and wrong. Please, give me back sanity. Give me Financial Aid. Let me finish going to school and getting an education. I promise that I do have high expectations for myself. I will get a well paying job. I will be paying more than enough taxes to send several kids to school each year. Here's an idea: just give me my taxes back. I'm really not asking for much here. I just want to be able to survive, and not have to live in my car (with gas prices soaring as they are, I might not even be able to afford that!). I'd really appreciate anything you can do to help.
Hopefully yours,

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