07 February 2008

Narrowing the Options

Morphed Essay continued...

I know that a lot of who I am comes from everything my family did for me. Growing up I saw my friend's families always fighting, or divorced parents, or just plain dysfunction and I couldnt understand it. How can a child be expected to develop in that environment? I understand that no family is perfect, and there are some situations beyond one's control...but to me, a family is supposed to be able to work together; to help each other. So I thought become a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). I'd always enjoyed my psychology classes, which is where I'd have to start anyway, so I thought it was a good match for me...Until it was pointed out to me that people don't usually change. At least, not without intense dedication. And they lie. They tell you they will do something and then go out and do whatever is easiest. And I realized that I really wouldnt be very good at telling people what to do because I already don't like to do it. And I wouldnt be good at NOT telling people what to do, (but helping them figure things out on their own) because I'm way too opinionated and impatient...so I crossed that off my list of potential careers.

But I still wanted to help families. And I didnt know how. So after taking a few more years, I realized what I've known all along: I'm really only good at little kids. I have no other super special abilities or talents, but for whatever reason, kids like me. Maybe it's because I've got untapped super mom powers...or maybe it's because I have the mental level of a 5 year old, so I understand what they want. Either way, my career has to be with children.


Liz said...

Is there more? This is good stuff!

Erica said...

Yaaay for posts with pictures!

Oh, and good essay, too!