07 March 2008

Surprised by a Moment of Joy

This is Su, one of my favorite people from my mission. We were never companions, but we lived in the same house for quite a while. She was my sanity in the midst confusion and chaos. She was there to help me keep order in the apartment. She dressed me when I had nothing to wear. She introduced me to the joy of conditioning hair cream to fight off the damaging effects of the sun. She calmed me when a knock on the window at midnight sent me into a panic. She taught me to cook Brazilian beans. She did so much for me, that I have felt at a loss ever since we parted ways.
Well, yesterday we were reunited with a phone call. I was walking through Vons trying to get my 6 cent discount on gas by stocking up on snacks that would survive long car rides and help me survive long hours at work and school, when my phone rang. I though it would be one of the few people who call me (aka, my sister), but it wasn't. It was the person I miss most from my second home. The person I now have plans to see in April and August. The call I've longed for has finally arrived, and I must say-it was better than I could have even imagined it would be.

"I love you, você."


Christy B. said...

so awesome!! it is seriously so fun talking to my favorite brazilians and makes me miss them so much! how are you going to see her in april and august???

Heather said...

She's going to BYU now, so I'm trying to go up for conf, and she's trying to come down in the summer...I'm not actually sure it'll be in August, but I figure when you consider the summer semester, it'll work out that way. ;)

Suzana said...

I'm so graitful for your love..
I'm happy for opportunit that see you..
sorry my english. but I am learning.
Estou muito animada para te ver..
e saiba que vc tb e muito especial para mim...
Te amo muito..
I love you voce...