26 February 2008

Kite show

I think that any day you can go to the beach is a good day--and any day you can watch a kite show at the beach is a great day. Saturday was a great day! About a month ago, my friend told me about a kite show, and I've been excited for it ever since. I don't know what it is, but some how the beach has a magic power over me: it makes life seem better. All of a sudden life (AKA working full time, carrying a full load at school, fulfilling incredibly overwhelming responsibilities at church, and trying to maintain a some kind of a social life) is manageable. I have miraculously found the desire to prepare for the oral presentation I blew off last week. I went to church and payed attention for the entire 3 hour block, plus the fireside afterward. I got up early enough on a Monday that I put on makeup, and jewelry, took out the trash, ate breakfast and still got to work on time. My first class on Mondays is on the 5th floor, and I usually try to force myself up the stairs to get there, but this week I did it no problem, then my second class is on the 4th floor of the same building, but I went went up to the 7th floor just for fun, then all the way down, then up the 4 flights to my class. That means I did 11 flights of stairs, up and down, within a 4 hour period. (For those of you who don't know me, I'm super lazy, so normally 11 flights=no thank you.) Do you see how amazing one day at the beach is? In hopes that you will all benefit as much as I did, I've included some pictures of the kites:

You know that these guys are doing?
They're flying these kites. Did you know there was such a thing as synchronized kites?


Mr. Hall said...

Well, now I know where to take you if I ever discover that you are having a bad day. . . or if I simply want to score some points! :)

Erica said...

That's awesome, tche. Looks like a cool kite show!

Heather said...

That would definately get you some cool points!
and Cara--It rocked! I almost didnt go, because I worked later that I was supposed to, and the sky was pretty dark, so I was afraid there wouldnt be anyone there. I'm totally glad I went.

Laura said...

Did you end up going by yourself? I'm so mad at the flu! We'll need to put it on our calendars for next year. I'm glad you got to go.

Heather said...

No, I took my cousin. It was fun, and we got some bonding time too.
I'm SO going next year! I'm sad you weren't feeling well enough to come. Maybe we should reinact it when you are feeling better--we can get a group together and go fly kites at the beach!

Laura said...

A reenactment sounds perfect! The weather's starting to get really nice - perfect beach weather!