16 August 2007

What were you thinking?

I love meeting new people and finding out why they are who they are, but sometimes I have to wonder what the logic is that governs their actions. Like the guy in my office who has been passing his mail through the postage meter, then putting his exact change in the money box for at least 2 years...but then today, as I'm busily doing 3 things at my desk, with envelops and CD cases in my hands, he walks up to me and tries to give me his 2 bills with 3 quarters a nickle and 2 pennies balanced on top of it. I just gave him a confused look and told him to leave it on the desk. ...Why would he suddenly decide today that he doesn't know how to use the meter machine?

Later, when someone called with a question about her bill that I couldn't answer, I tried transferring the call to him (because it's his job to answer our customers' questions) he said "I don't know...what am I supposed to tell her? ...I'll have to ask (our boss, who isn't here today) about it." but then instead of letting me tell the customer I'd find out and call her back, he insisted on talking to her...then he put a note on my computer monitor, which I found when I got back from filling my water bottle. It said "(customer name), billing question, $1825.00, Why?" (which is all information I gave him when I transferred the call to him--in fact, I also have the name of the caller, and their customer ID Number written down on my note book...so, I'm left thinking: Why? Why did you put a note on MY desk when you were going to talk to our boss? Why did you insist on talking to the customer if you were just going to pass it back to me? Why did you wait until I was away from my desk to put the note there, instead of asking me to talk to the boss when she walked in? WHY ARE YOU SO WEIRD!?

I've decided there are only 2 possible explanations:
He is just plain OCD and weird. -OR- He has an identical twin brother who comes to work for him sometimes. It would explain also why he has 2 houses and some days goes "home" to the desert, and other days to LA.


Liz W. said...

Yah, I'd go with the identical twin thing. That's the only was to explain it without him being a nut.

Your story reminds me of my one and only office mate. She really makes me question reality some days.

For instance, yesterday she took a 2 and a half hour lunch. When she finally came back and I asked her about it (I'm technically her supervisor), she said, "Oh, I thought you wouldn't notice."

What? I sit three feet away from you.

Okay, I'll stop. Talking about my co-worker always makes me a worse person.

Heather said...

wait, seriously? "Oh, I thought you wouldn't notice."?! at least come up with a real excuse...or say "I'm sorry, it'll never happen again" ...my fav thing is when he walks up to you at 4:50 (after getting here 45 minutes late, blaming it on the traffic) and says "well, I'm going to the desert today, so i'm gonna get a jump on the traffic." I'm so sure 10 mintues are gonna make a difference. and also, why dont you leave your house 10 minutes earlier this morning?