03 August 2007

In honor of the annual Lions Club sponsored Fish Fry...

I LOVE the month of August! Not only because it is my birth month (yes, I am a Leo), it is summer (aka no school), and there are tons of beach parties (hello, beach always equals good), but also because of the Fish Fry. Now, I dont eat fish, nor do I particularly enjoy the smell of it (bleh!) but some how this tridition has been deeply rooted in me. My Grandpa was a member of the Lions Club, so that's where it started. And even after my grandpa passed away, my grandma maintained her connections and got us tickets every year.

I remember going to the park in the morning to husk a truck load of corn. There were competitions for who could find the most baby corns, or the biggest ear, etc. As a little girl, I'd collect all the silk thinking I'd take it home and make wigs for my dolls, and my mom was always relieved when I'd forget about it and run to the play ground so she could throw it all away before I made a pig sty of the car/house. Then in the evening we'd eat and dance and play. And with every ticketstub, you could get a little bowl of ice cream--you know, the ones with the cardboard lid that you eat with the wooden "spoon." Us kids would always offer to bring the adults' to them, and then we'd eat the ice creams that they "didnt want."

Well, now my dad is a Lions Club member, so yesterday my sister and her football team of children came out and this morning they went to work. I took my lunch break early so I could go over and help too. It's sad, because every year it's getting smaller and smaller...but you know what I've decided? I could definately live on a farm (...as long as my husband took care of the weeding, I dont think I'll ever find that on my list of Productive Uses of My Time). And I think everyone should husk corn at least once in their lives. I dont know why. But if you haven't done it yet, let me know and we'll find some corn!


Liz said...

Hmm... fish fry. That's something I've never experienced. (Well, I mean I've experienced "fish" and "fry"ing things, but never combined.

What a fun family tradition!

The "found" Liz ;-)

Heather said...

well, if you are free tonight, you are more than welcome to come along! call me! :-)

Amanda said...

I love fresh corn on the cob. In fact I tried to plant some this year. A bunch was coming up and then the bunnies that live under my deck decided that they better have a nibble. Well, they nibbled until only one is left. It won't grown any corn, because they need to cross-pollinate, but I still like to see it in the memory of what might have been. Sadness. Next year I'm getting a fence or a BB gun. Just kidding Rachel.