08 August 2007

creating a future

This week I have been trying (once again) to plan my future--pick a major, talk to advisers to plan my classes, pick a career path, decide where I want to live, etc. ...and once again I have been unsuccessful. SO, I have a new poll :-) YOU get to plan my life for me! Aren't you excited?! I'm really generous, so make me successful and we'll all go on vacation-my treat. ;-)

...and now I'll tell you about my adventure: so, I took a half day from work on Tuesday so I could go to school and talk to a councilor, or at least get the information list of classes I need to take. I think that the program I want is through the Child and Adolescent Studies department, but I don't like them (Last year I was in CAS and when I was trying to register for classes they put a block on my registration, so I couldn't register for ANYTHING. and when I tried to figure out why no one would answer my calls, or e-mails, and I couldn't talk to an advisor till I went to some other training meeting) so I was hoping to avoid them by talking to the careers in education department...but the secretary there just gave me some other phone number to call (which turned out to be a recording for the council for professional recognition) so I went to the CAS office, which I'm inclined to believe stands for Crappy And Stupid, to try to talk to the advisor (which is apparently allowed now, since I went to their stupid training meeting over the summer where they spent 4 hours explaining a piece of paper I could have easily read myself, from the school website where I'd already found it. Thanks CAS department) unfortunately, the advisor is on vacation so I had to make an appointment for next week (that's fine, I can totally appreciate the need for vacation!)
Then, since I was already at school, I went to the one place anyone has ever been helpful to me--the career center's walk-in office. Mostly I just wanted to make sure I was talking to the right people-I don't mind fighting for what I need to, but I'd rather not waste the energy on the wrong people! Shockingly they told me that I'd already gone to the 2 places they would send me for more information...so now I just get to wait another week and hope someone can answer my questions, or at least care enough to pretend to listen.
...although, I'd definitely be willing to drop out of school and become a star if that's what you recommend.


Amanda said...

Well, I would say fight with the CAS people, just because I think it could potential give us more interesting stories, but I don't know what kind of program they offer? What specifically are you thinking about doing?
When choosing a path for a career, I say do what you really want. If I could go back and choose (not that I am unhappy as a teacher) but I would be a marine biologist. I know that 1/2 the world wanted to be one when they were 12, but I really think I would have loved it. Who was with me when I saw a Manatee for the first time and almost started crying? Yep. At the time I thought 'I don't want to go to college long enough to get a Master's, so I'll do something else.' Well, here I am with a Master's and I still wish I could be a Marine Biologist. Do what you love! Remember Rachel's friend's sister who majored in Crafting? Hmmm?

Heather said...

haha--good point...the problem is, I dont have anything that I love, unless you count spending time with you and the rest of our fabulous friends.

Rachel said...

Amanda's right on this one. Be a marine biologist. Oh wait, that was her dream. Actually, maybe you should consider marine biology because then you would have a really great excuse to own a boat. Anyway, she's right about the following your dream bit.

And Amanda - It was me with the manatee and by "almost started crying" did you mean "wept like a child with my face pressed against the glass?"

Amanda said...

Thanks Rachel for clearing that up for everyone. I do appreciate it. And Heather, I am pretty sure that once Rachel finds her wealthy benefactor that you might be able to make a living off of spending time with her. I'm pretty sure she will provide an allowance for being such a good friend. I'm hoping at least!

Rachel said...

I've always factored in the Friend Allowance. What's the point of having a Wealthy Benefactor if I can't share his wealth with others? Slurpees and healthy benefits for everyone!

Amanda said...

Rachel, you forgot to mention to yearly trip to Hawaii benefit, right?

Liz W. said...

Okay, so it's a given that I'm included in the wealthy benefactor package, right Rachel?

Heather, it's so hard to plan a life, isn't it? I'm still working on mine.

What I say is, if you don't have a career passion then pick something that:
1)you'll enjoy most of the time
2)you can find value in
3)you help people
4)it gives you the life away from your job that you want (meaning, that if you want to travel, you need a job that can help pay for it, or if you like your evenings free, a job you don't take work home, etc.)

And of course, it goes without saying to pray, pray, pray.

Rachel said...

I'm going to have a house in Hawaii so that goes without saying. And Liz, the WB will have more than enough money for all of my friends, but for you especially.

Heather said...

sounds like a plan--Rachel, I'll keep my eyes open for your WB. I think I can do all for of the things on Liz's list from the beach in front of your hawaiian house. Tell you what: I'll just stay there and take care of the house (when I'm back here visiting all our Lovely Ladies).