14 August 2007

My Birthday in AZ.

I love my birthday!!! I can already tell it's gonna be a good year. If you are wondering why I know this, I'll let this picture explain:

Yep, that's me and my new BFF, "the drunk chick." ...OK, so it's just a black square...it's not my fault it was dark! I mean, how is a cell phone supposed to get a good picture in a bar? My cousins and I went to a karaoke bar because there was a misunderstanding about the date of a party we were gonna hit up --but really, no excuse is needed to go karaoke-ing. It was so much fun! I was full of attitude that night, so I sang "I'm a slave for you" to get warmed up, then "I will survive" during which the girl at the table next to us got up and danced with me, in an attempt to empower, and lift the spirits of her cousin who just ended a 10 year relationship. Then I really wanted to sing Lisa Loeb's "Stay" but I wasn't sure I remembered the beginning of it...so I asked my new friends to help me! They said of course, and invited us to move our table closer and join their fun...so we did. :-) From then on any time "the drunk chick" had to sing, she pulled me close to share the mic and help her out. Quote of the night: "I know this song, I'm just too drunk to read the words." I sang several songs I'd never heard before, and if I can say so myself, I was pretty dang good!!! Then later the DJ sang happy birthday to someone, so my cousins and new friends made her sing to me too. The other birthday boy even came up to me later and asked what I was drinking (um...sprite?)so he could buy me a drink in congratulations of being 21 (again). He was being so nice I resisted the urge to call him grandpa--aren't I kind?
We had so much fun that night, we decided to go back the next night, and now I'm an addict...seriously--I'm jonesing a karaoke! Anyone wanna go? My sister told me there are places you can rent a room and throw a karaoke party where it's just people you invite, for only like $25/hour...and if I had enough friends who'd do it I'd totally throw myself a birthday party, since I haven't done that yet...hum...maybe I should have a birthday month...


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday (two days late)!!!!!!! You're the best and I love you and I'll karaoke with you anytime. Let's do it.

Amanda said...

I unfortunately will never be able to karaoke with you girls for several reasons.
#1) I live in a far away land that is soon to become the frozen tundra.
#2)Most importantly, I am scared to death of karaokeing in front of others. Surprising, I know, but true. I finally karaoked in front of John and I was on the verge of tears the whole time.
I'm sure you rocked it girl. Yes and Happy Belated Birthday!!

Liz W. said...

I am so there, Heather! I love to Karaoke. My family is an addict and have a Karaoke system and everything.

Hey, we should have a Karaoke night at my place! (We'll just have to make sure all the windows are shut so Flo doesn't have a fit.)

Heather said...

I'm so in!!! ...do you think Flo would like to join us? Maybe then she wont have a fit...and we'd have a REALLY good story!

Oh ya, and Amanda--> The first time IS scary (thats why you gotta have a really good song) and then after that it's all just fun (so you can sing songs you dont know). When you come down (or we all take a road trip to see you) we are totally gonna have a karaoke night. You dont have to sing if you dont want to, but I'm sure we can get a group song in.

Amanda said...

Oh, yes! Don't you all think you want to road trip to Wisconsin? That sounds like perfection to me!! Writing it doesn't sound as exciting as it would really be, I promise!