08 January 2010

Wil Work 4 Creditz

It's amazing to me how hard it is to volunteer places these days. I was seriously searching 6 months ago and was told that there were no openings available; no volunteer work was accepted; the only availability was working the game clock for a basketball team; it's too expensive to have volunteers--and that's when I'd get a call back at all. You'd think that in today's economy business would love to have free labor. Especially when the applicant is a college student. I'd heard so many no's that I'd practically given up on trying. I checked back with the few locations that had bothered to reply, and their options remained the same, but as time passed my effort diminished. I am hugely grateful that I was able to talk to a council member, who put in a call for me (Thank you sir!). I had an interview today for a position--It was interesting actually, because the interviewer seemed to think it would be a long term placement, and was asking what programs I could introduce...It'll actually only be 6 weeks tops. Anyway, after the interview I went in to the office and filled out the 10 page application, complete with a background check authorization. It'll be about 2 weeks for that to go through. Sounds like a lot of hoops, doesn't it? I'm just happy to (maybe) find something after all this time!

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