30 January 2010

Excuse me...

I needed to get a picture with The Munchkins, but there was a group of people standing over it...Me, being me, I walked right up to them and asked if we could get a picture...but apparently my pointing to the star on the ground wasn't clear enough, because the woman said "Sure" and turned to pose with me. So, I pointed to the again, more enthusiastically this time and her group pulled her away. We snapped my picture and headed on...and then it dawned on us--she was probably someone important!

Dear Woman I probably offended,
I'm really sorry. I have a one track mind. I was focusing on the task at hand, and didn't realize how important you are. I am also horribly forgetful, so I wouldn't recognize anyone, let alone someone as important as you. I meant no insult by it; you must realize how exciting the Munchkins are. I'm sure that's why you were hovering over their star. Thank you for allowing us to include your foot in the picture. I'll tell all my kids you are very kind.
Distractedly yours,
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Rachel said...

This story makes me love you A LOT!