28 January 2010

I'm a real (busy) boy!

Pinocho runs fast, but Suzana was able to keep up--almost. What a great day! A great week, actually. My old roommate was visiting CA for the first time, so we did some sight seeing. It was so fun! A road trip through Vegas, dancing at Ix Tapa, Sea World (buy a day, get the year for free), picking up a stranger in San Diego, Hollywood walk of stars, Disneyland (I've got an annual pass there, too--let's plan a trip!), cooking a Brazilian dinner for the familly, a 3am trip to LAX, and a week trying to recover it all. We'd planned a trip to Venice beach, but the rain cancelled that one--Good thing there were beaches near Sea World! I love this girl--She is so sweet, and so fun! We splashed in puddles, then decided we needed to be semi-formal, so we went to a mall in the pouring rain. We laughed through hours of conversation. I have to agree with my nephew, Tui, who asked "Where's Sue?" as I walked in the door from taking her to the airport. " I miss her." She was here for only a week, but will be missed by all for much longer.
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Christy said...

as in albuquerque??! how fun! i am jealous of your week together. it all sounds so fun! and guess what, we ARE planning a trip to disneyland. probably not for a year or so. but dude, we should hook up!

Heath said...

Christy--Yep--she was here! :-) so fun! And you should totally come within a year, because I have a pass, so I can go with you. And I have parking included! ($15 is a lot of money.) When should I book my guest room for your visit?