15 January 2010

Direct quotes:


How's school going?

It's never ending.

When are you coming back to Nunchucks?

Haha--sadly, probably never.

We miss you guys-- I always
loved having you ladies there.

We miss being there!

Well then come!

After 6 months I'm afraid I won't
be able to remember anything

You'll be fine.

It was nice seeing you!

See you soon?



Katie said...

Ahhh, he loved having us there. That's such a sweet way of saying, "You were my comic relief after a long day of separating kids who sparred like they were being attacked by bees." Sometimes I miss them, too.

Rachel said...

I miss them too!!! I want to go back and just say hi but I'm afraid the sensei would try to guilt us into coming. My iron will and the distinct smell of pre-teen boys may not be strong enough to resist.

Heath said...

Katie--We really are very entertaining in any situation; this would obviously be increased by us being able to appropriately use the following words/phrases: nunchucks, nunchaku, sensi, dojo, "OUCH!", "I'm gonna kill you", "In the face". Good times.
Rachel--I'd love to go back and visit again, but it would demand lots of iron will and good excuses not to join the class again...I'm not sure I can do it alone.