23 October 2009


This morning I woke up with this song in my head*:

It's been one of my favorite songs since before I heard it. Seriously--I didn't even know it was a song. Someone I know wrote the lyrics in my notebook, and I thought it was a poem she'd written, and I loved it then. I eventually heard it in a sound-car driving down the street and I was shocked and even more in love. Here is a version of the lyrics in English, in case you wanted to know...It's pretty hard to read, but you can probably copy and paste it in a word document if you are really interested. I love how simple it is. I love that sometimes it doesn't matter what people are saying, just the fact that they are talking to you can somehow scare the demons away.

*Does that mean I was dreaming in Portuguese? ...Cool.

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Adam said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I fixed the font and size. Not sure why it was like that to begin with, but thanks!