27 June 2009

Adventure: June

From Picture of the Day 2
I decided I wanted to try a day trip from the Westways Magazine put out by AAA. I had planned on doing one in PV, but things for that...well, they didn't really work out. Maybe another time (anyone want to come?) Instead I spent the morning at the Botanical gardens (where I got the above picture) and then I did the Old Towne Orange tour--from a different issue of Westways. I have been there before, but just driving through, and I've always wanted to visit when I could walk around.
I started at Watson's Drugs and Soda Fountain, because who doesnt love a soda fountain? Then I went around and saw most of the places listed, and a few others that just looked interesting. One of my Favorite parts was eatting my food at the little park in the round-about. We don't have very many of those in modern USA. I admit that they scare me a little to drive on--especially if they are large--but they are so old townsy I love them!!!
It was nice to take some me time, sit there watching people and reading my book. I am a pretty fun chick--why don't I spend more time with myself?

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