27 October 2009

Adventure: October

From Picture of the Day 2
I took another road trip to Utah--surprised? Don't be. I might make one more this year...In addition to my regular visits up there, I also got to see some of my Portuguese speaking friends! I really miss them. It was so fun to reconnect with them, and get to practice a little. It inspired me to watch Brazilian movies. You never really know what to expect with their movies, so I always have to give a little disclaimer to people who don't know Brazil. I watched one called "The Other Side of the Street" which was pretty good. Tomorrow I'm going to watch one called "Favela Raising" with my little brother, his wife, and our friend John. Im glad I don't have to explain questionable content to them, because this one could definately be questionable--It's about the ghettos.
Anyway--Pictured above are a few of my friends, sadly some are missing. I really do miss them! I hope we can get together again soon.
It was a pretty crazy weekend trying to fit everything in, but I loved being able to visit with so many friends. This was a nice trip because I had a friend for the drive up and back, but he spent the weekend with his girlfriend, so I was pretty much free to do whatever I wanted. I'm a jerk, but I really do like that freedom in a weekend trip...I'm so bad at making plans, so it's easier to just fly off and do something whenever my friends are free. I did that several times this weekend... "Hey Chrystal, I'm in town--when are you free? ...Right now? OK!" "Your roommates want to stay up all night watching chick flicks--OK!" "You are craving a giant Horchata from the gas station? Lets go!" "Can I crash your breakfast? Thanks!"

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Katie said...

Love the hat! So glad you bought it. Curse my big head!