12 October 2009

A Home for Everything, and Everything in It's Home.

I had a really productive weekend. I washed and vacuumed my car on Saturday morning (with the help of my little niece and nephew...it was a long process...but they are so cute I don't mind!).
From Picture of the Day 2

Isn't she pretty? That night I bought some Armor-All and and car perfume from Wally's, so I'll probably spend the evening doing that. It's really exciting to work on my car--I've been neglecting her for so long, I was happy to finally have a day to shower her with my affection. Maybe it's just me, but there is something extremely exciting about sparkling tires!

While shopping I also found this:
From Picture of the Day 2

I have been looking for an organizer like this for a while now; a way to keep my jewelry organized, because it keeps getting all tangled up. It was in one of the containers I use for my make-up and hair clips:
From Picture of the Day 2
I love, Love, LOVE these containers!!! I believe I got them in the kitchen section of a Target or something. I used to keep them in a little zippered pouch, but I got so sick of having to dig through everything, so now I keep all my essentials in one tray, my multi-colored eye shadows in the second, and all the other pens and misc stuff in the last. I loved my new system so much I got another stacker for my hair clips and barrettes. It's so nice to have everything divided up and organized. <--That plus the fact that I was spending my Saturday night shopping made me realize that I'm old! So I decided I might as well get myself some yarn and a good hook so I can pick up crocheting.

From Picture of the Day 2
I decided I wanted to make an afghan, and I was just going to do a basic crochet stitch, but then I saw this pattern; it's basically a huge granny square. I've done about a square foot now, so by the time it's cold here in California, I should have something made-by-me to curl up in.

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Christy said...

love the organazation sis. seriously, there aren't many things that make me as happy as something that is well organized.

i loved seeing you at the reunion! it brought back so many good memories! love you girl.