05 November 2009

Things that always make me feel better:

The beach
Ice cream
Reading a good book
A good hug
Throwing keys in the grass
Discovering new places
Spending relaxing, drama-free time with friends
Kisses on the forehead
Salsa dancing
Ice cream
Watching a good comedy
Hearing gossip about myself*
Getting flowers
Service projects
Watching someone purposely drool mouthfuls** of water
Pretty much anything Brazilian
Someone telling me I'm gorgeous
High heels
Curling up in my bed
Ice cream
Teaching my kids**** new tricks*****
Helping others who really appreciate it
Meeting new people
Getting dressed up
Road trips
Ice cream******

*Did you know that I was engaged? It was quite an exciting surprise for me, too.
**yes, that is mouthfuls, plural.
I love that the spell check options for churrasco are Churchwoman, Churchgoer, churchgoing, and Churriguera)
****My kids=my nieces and nephews. I claim them.
*****I am kinda a horrible person here--but it is so entertaining for me! Last week my 2 year old nephew wanted a piece of the candy I was eating, so I taught him to give butterfly kisses, and then gave him a treat for doing the new trick. I'll still quiz him on his new trick, and then give him a treat. When the oldest were little, I taught them to fetch. Seriously. We didn't have a dog, but for whatever reason we had a little chew toy, and I taught the kids to get down on all fours and bring it to me in their mouths. Hilarious. ...I taught them that their noses say "beep" and mine says "honk"...When I touch their chins they have to chew...to raise their hands over their heads and yell "bonsai!"...the "5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree" song, complete with hand gestures...thumb mic-ing...They know where each others' dimples are...How to do-si-do and do arm turns...The list goes on.

******Did I already mention this one? I guess that just goes to show how much I like it.

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Jennette said...

Ice cream - ditto.
Babies. Not only do they make me smile, they also make me make funny faces at them.
When people say "Thank you"
The sweet custodian lady at the hospital who gives me hugs.
Any hugs.
Getting out of town.
Coconut. It also makes me dance.
Comments on blogs.
Massages - ditto again.
Seeing the latest pictures of nephews on my sister's blog.
Jimmy Stewart
Lightning storms.
A Ha's "Take on Me"

Great post, by the way!