06 November 2008

6th of 6

I was tagged a while ago, but since I really only use the Internet at work, and on my work computer I only have 1 picture file, I couldn't do this one...well, today I had a test in my last class and got out early...so, now I'm sitting at institute being antisocial and playing on MY computer, so I thought I'd finally be able to find my 6th file and I'm hoping it has at least 6 pictures in it--and it does!!! So, here is the 6th picture in my 6th picture file:
It's from my sister's bridal shower. Doesn't it look yummy?


We are Ben and Rebecca said...

It does look yummy.

HEY GUESS WHAT!?!?! Brock and I will be there to terrorize upland very soon! He loves throwing keys

Heath said...

YAY!!! You're gonna call me, right?