29 July 2008

Left Out of the Dance Festival

Who else felt that? I think the Earth just did a little shimmy-was either a 5.6 or 5.8, pretty big! And not too far from home; about 2 Miles SW of Chino Hills. I was just sitting here at work talking to my coworkers about who knows what, and then we felt some movement, and we all just stayed right where we were and rode it out. Kinda funny to just stand around durring an earthquake, but I guess that's what you get used to in CA-waiting. We just waited to see if it would get worse. It was a fairly mild quake, mostly just rolling, rather than the more damaging jults that are usually shown in movies. If you're worried about quakes, you can check out these safety tips. Aftershocks have been pretty active, but so far I've only felt one. Wondering about quakes in your area? It's not hard to find recent quakes of the World, and Seismic activity for CA & NV: They are both updated regularly.

UPDATE: both of the linked sites above have lowered it to a 5.4

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