09 July 2008

Just trying to forget

Tonight I received some information I don't really know how to take. So instead of processing it, I'm avoiding it...because maybe then it won't be true. It's how I've dealt with other news too, but I've never received news this huge before. And I don't know how to distract myself this time. And I know that when I said "I'm not crying..." You could see right through my lies, to the tears that were waiting to fall. And I know that all night, and all day tomorrow they will be lurking behind my eyes, waiting to jump out the moment I'm alone...or as soon as I run out of thoughts to distract myself with....And who do I talk to when it's not my story to tell? And the only one who knows is the one I should put a brave face on for? Where do you find comfort?

...Religion. It's my faith will have to get me through this. It is hope that will comfort a friend in need. It is knowledge that brings action. and that's what I need to trust in.

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Heather said...

Okay, sorry if I scared any of you, I'm fine. A friend got some bad medical news, and decided to just blurt it out to me...After I had some time to accept it, (and gain perspective) I realized everything is going to be okay.