21 September 2007

Scavenger Hunt at the Fair

Just because I thought this was so fun, I put it on here. :-) My dad made this up when he took some work-people to the County Fair.

5 points for every person that you run into that you know. (Team members excluded)
10 point bonus if they work for (Your company)*.
50 point bonus if they are your employee and they called off sick today.

1 point - Spotting a person with a Disneyland article of clothing.
10 point bonus if they are wearing a Mickey mouse hat with protruding ears.

1 point for a napkin with an advertiser's logo or name on it
5 points for a "stick" with a logo or name of a vendor. (Stick being the handle of some food article upon which it was served)
20 points if you find me a peanut butter and banana sandwich on a stick.

20 points for the autograph of a "famous" personality.
100 point bonus if the celebrity is good looking and willing to have a picture taken with the whole group.

1 point for every activity in which two or more of the group participates.
5 points for any "rides" that you go on.
-50 points if you barf on or after the ride

10 points for attending a horse race.
25 points for "picking" the winner. (Wagering is not necessary)
100 points if you wager, win and divide the winnings among the administrative (or your department) team members.

5 points for each "prize" that is awarded for participation in game or activity.
50 points for a "Kupie doll" won in a contest. (Must be larger than 18 inches)

1 point for every different animal species that you actually touch
50 points if you "ride" that animal.

5 points for every "trinket" that you get from any booth vendor.
10 points if that trinket has the vendor's name or logo on it.
20 points for any that promote a healthcare (or your field) organization.
50 points if it promotes (your company)*.

25 points if you participate in any activity where you are asked to participate in a vocal manner. (Hog calling, hollering, animal impersonating, Karaoke, etc)
50 point bonus if you get a standing ovation
100 points if you are asked for an encore.

10 points for any of these services that you receive for FREE:
- Facial
- Back/neck/shoulder Masage
- Foot Masage
- Hand softening treatment
- manacure/pedicure
- hair cut/curl/style
- skin treatment

5 points for shaking hands with a "live" mascot
10 points if you can make the mascot laugh outloud.

*I dont know why it would be a problem, but for the sake of avoiding legal issues, I removed the company name--you just never know who will be viewing this and if they, for whatever reason, are upset with said company, they could find some way to put this a negative light. Bla, bla, bla. Whatever....Deal with it.

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Rachel said...

I can't wait for our fair trip!