13 September 2007

...Guess it's a good week all around...or something...

I think it's about time for a new blog on here...but I have nothing exciting to share with you all. The only excitement is the dead fish I found in the fish tank 15 min ago. I didn't really know what to do, but luckily on of the guys was walking by as I was standing there staring at it in dismay. He just reached in and picked it up by the tail and stood there holding it and wanting to speculate the cause of death with me...I'm really sad, because they've kinda fallen to my responsibility lately. And I've done so well--so I thought.
Only a few weeks after I got here the owner brought asked if I wanted any plants for the office...I told her I'm really not good at keeping plants alive, and she brushed that off and told me I'd be fine...So we got 2 plants, and I take care of them. I figured out how much I can water them without flooding them. I trimmed them. I bought some really cute pots and re-potted them. And they are still looking pretty good.
Well, apparently the guys saw that and decided I could take care of fish too! They were feeding, cleaning and maintaining the tank in the beginning, but they soon began to slack off....and I felt sorry for the poor fish swimming in the darkness...so I'd turn the light on...and then I'd see them press their little noses up against the glass, begging for food, so I'd feed them...and then after a while I couldn't see them so clearly because the tank was dirty, so I'd clean it...and when I cleaned it, I noticed that the water was getting low, so asked one of the other guys here to fill it for me (I wasnt about to try to lift that 10 gallon drum full of water over my head)...and me doing it became more and more frequent, until it reached the point where I'm the only one who does it now.
...and I killed a fish.


Laura said...

This totally reminds me of me and two tomato plants my home teacher gave me a few years ago. He and his family had this very expansive garden one summer and I mentioned how I'd love to do it but wasn't good with plants. Well, the next visit he brought me two plants. I warned him! But...as people usually say "oh, it's easy - you have to try really hard to kill them". Well, I tried really hard to keep them living, but it didn't work, and alas, they died. And then he knew I wasn't lying. Funny thing is - I don't even like tomatoes!

Rachel said...

The longest I've ever kept a fish alive was 2 days so you've totally got me beat.