10 June 2012

Weekend in Havasu

Yesterday I drove out to Havasu because I needed a vacation...I probably spent as much time in my car as I did in Havasu, but it was away from home (well, really, away from work...) so I took it.   

I took the ferry boat across to the Casino for lunch.  The Security guy there was being nice and carded me-- It was funny because he looks like he's a teenager, and while I might look young, I definitely don't look like a teenager any more.  

I don't really remember why these guys are famous, but when you see a statue like this, you've gotta get a picture with it, right?  Read on sir-- let's map out this town!  (Maybe?)
After lunch,  we took a drive up to Oatman, a ghost town.  We got there pretty late, so most things were already closed, but the few shops that were open were full of super friendly people.  I love those small town folk!  
There were burros (Really? When did we stop using the word donkey?) wondering all over this town, with flashing signs warning that they were crossing, and every where you looked they were called another word...I'd tell you what it was, but my mom wouldn't approve. ;-)

To get there I was driving in the middle of no where for what felt like forever.  But just because you are in the middle of the desert, doesn't mean you can get anywhere any faster, because the speed limit was 40. Except for the town we passed through, where the speed limit was 25.  All the way through it.  And I didn't see a single person.  Not even in a passing car. 

And through all of this I realized that I super miss being able to take vacations like this. Have you been wondering why you haven't see blog posts about my vacations?  It's because I didn't have a dependable car.   I knew the end of my Jetta's life was coming so I'd done some research and found a new car that I wanted to buy and on the way there my baby girl pretty much exploded...Luckily the car I was going to test drive was a good deal, because there was no way my Jetta was gonna make it home.  So now I have a new car (!!!) and the freedom to take off just because I want to.  I'm so excited!

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