28 June 2012

I'm A Nerd

I didn't realize how well that statement fits me.  It's almost embarrassing.  Almost.  But I think I'm okay with it because it is so much fun for me!  A group of friends and I decided we want to learn Spanish, so instead of showing up and practicing stuff, and creating a plan together, I decided I needed to take charge of this one by making flash cards for the whole group (12 of us) along with "blue cards."  When I was learning Portuguese I was given a Yellow Card, with all the conjugations, on the front and some irregular verbs on the back.  I loved that card.  Loved it.  I carried it with me everywhere.  So I decided we need one of those for Spanish.  And not only did I made it, but I also laminated it and made a tri-fold out of it.  I love how it has turned out!  I'm so excited for our next meeting!  I'm going to do common phrases on the next batch of flash cards--  Including "Dame um beso." and "¿Quieres bailar?" Any other suggestions on really important things we should know?

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