12 May 2012

National Train Day

Happy National Train day!!!  I've always been a huge fan of trains, and then last year I became a train travel convert.  I love it so much! So, this year I had to celebrate somehow.  My sister and I got weekend passes for $10 and spent the day in LA,

there was a lot to see in the station,

free stuff to be collected,

a trip across the street for taquitos at Cielito Lindo, where I made friends with a fireman who was super excited to see me. Shrugs.

And the ever fun run-in with with weird people.

PS-- did you know there are LA Sheriff's patrolling the train taking tickets? That was a surprise to me! I think that would be my favorite assignment, if I were a Sheriff (not that I ever want to be...because I'd be really bad at it).

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Andrea said...

My husband would be so jealous! He loves trains and I'll I heard about on May 12th was that it was National Train Day. So glad you got to celebrate!