19 May 2012

Happy Retirement Pablo!

High School was a long time ago for me, but even so, I remember Pablo.  He was an amazing teacher for me.  I entered his class behind, but really felt he helped me improve.  I remember how uplifting he made the class.  I don't think anyone ever felt dumb or wrong.  Even when a mistake was made, a joke would be made, along with the correction, and an explanation, but all in a loving way that helped improve, instead of put down.

I was an awkward, quiet kid, so he would have no reason to notice me, but he was always very warm and friendly.  I never expected him to remember me, but I still wanted to see off because I will never forget him.  The line was 4 years long, and I had a few other things to do so I took off.  But I did get an email address from his wife, and if I can find my way with words, I will try to let him know how much he helped me.  Even though I don't really speak much Spanish, I do understand a lot of it.  And I know for sure that I would have had a much harder time learning Portuguese if I had not started with his Spanish foundation.

Thanks Pablo! Enjoy your retirement-- you deserve it!

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