20 June 2009

Beach Poem*

I've been thinking of the beach,
and how I long to go.
Wondering why I love it;
what appeal does it have?
Is it the sound of the ocean
waves washing shore?
Or the warmth of the sun
reflected all around?
Perhaps the free pedicure
as sand exfoliates feet?
aybe all. Maybe none.
think it's my inner laziness
longing to escape.
A place free from expecta
where all that's required is
relaxation and enjoyment.
No steps to memorize.
No tests to pass.
No names and dates to correlate.
All that's begging my attention
is the summer book on my lap,
and maybe the friend at my side.
Where reading is for pleasure,
and when I want to stop I can.
No hurry to finish before the exam.
Conversations aren't intense
but lay in random musings
of no worldly importance.
A quick nap in the sun.
A stroll down the pier.
Decisions made in the moment.
That's where I need
to live my life.
That's where I'll find success.
A vacation on my door step,
or a quick drive away.
My retreat within sight.

*I hope you don't expect much because I use the word "poem" loosely...I'm pretty much making it up right now, so it's probably not going to be good. You've been warned.

1 comment:

Jennette said...

Yay Heather!! Good job! I'm missing the beach and you need to go there a lot this summer for me. The pull of the tide is just too far away from me now...